Monday, June 27, 2011

Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty

Carnival De Sol 2011!

I was totally looking forward to checking out Carnival de Sol 2011 with my homeboy Igancio since he is from Columbia and could be my local guide!  The festival had everything from a street soccer tournament, to latin dancing on the street, a dance off between a brazilian and a sikh, and even David Suzuki!

Ignacio & I both stopped to paint for a good cause involving freedom of speech in Nicaragua.

And also to take pictures with the Vancouver Aquarium mascot, (which I also used to be when I was 14 and looking for aquatic volunteer work for my resume).  Trust me, it is no fun wearing a costume in the hot summer.  Luckilly I got upgraded to face painter after a week!

We also stopped by to write on the recovery wall.  Nachito drew Homer Simpson loves Vancouver.

After a fun day we were starving and went to Roxy Burger for dinner.  Ignacio and I met up with Diana and Noemy.  Since Roxy is famous for burgers, we all had some.  I had the Thai Chicken Burger for $11.50 with salad.  Diana had the Salmon buger with fries for $10.95, Nacho had the Roxy Burger with fries for $10.25.  Noemy had vodka cranberry.

After we ate, we went back to the main stage for more dancing.  It was an amazing festival.  So glad the streets of Vancouver are back with normal fun people!

Guns N Roses - Paradise City

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