Monday, July 18, 2011

The fence cant hold too much bull in the pen

Weekend Wrap Up!

I had an amazing weekend full of bday celebrations!  Well 2 celebrations of 2 important people in my life.  My man & my favorite grandma!!

After friday I hit up People Jewellers at metro to get my guy a watch for his bday.  I had never got anyone a watch before, but figured it would be perfect since he didn't wear one, and was always asking what time it was.  I never realized getting a watch required so much knowledge.  My coworkers were no help either, all with different ideas on what's the best.  I ended up meeting up with Ignacio so he could try it on and let me know how much to resize it since he is like a watch guru and owns a massive collection.  After all of that, we ended up going out to Ouisi with his ex gf for a super late dinner.

He was having a cornbread craving, and since I had a coupon for Ouisi on me, we decided to hit it up since all entrees come with cornbread.  I decided on trying something I hadn't ordered before.  I went with the oceanwise BBQ Gulf of Mexico shrimp with diablo bbq sauce for $17 which came with my choice of 2 sides.  I went with the beet chutney & the corn maquechoux.  I have ordered the beet chutney on all of my previous visits.  I think I'm just a sucker for beets, since it reminds me so much of my grandparents pickled beets.  The corn dish was also good, but a little runny.  It was more like a corn chowder.

The prawns were tasty, and the bbq sauce was spicy the way I like it.

Ignacio went with the Blackened Trout for $17 with braised fennel & preserved lemon aioli.  For his sides he had the market vegetables & beet chutney.  I tried the trout and it was so tasty, I think I will order this dish the next time I go to Ouisi.

Nachos ex ordered the dish I had on my last visit, the Chicken & Duck Sausage Gumbo for $18 and for her sides she had the market vegetables & red beans with green rice.  I was suprised at how large the red beans & green rice side dish was!  Good thing for leftovers!

It was an amazing night.  Last time I went with Sadik they had live music, but this time with Nacho and his ex, it was a cool chill vibe, very dim with candlelights & jazz playing softly in the background.  I hope it's like that on my next visit!

Come saturday I met up with Sadik for his first concert!  As much as I would of loved it to be at the Commodore or somewhere exciting, it was on the rainy grass at Stanley Park to see the last half hour of the free K'naan concert.  Neither one of us are really into K'naan, but it was free and I love concerts, & I'm glad he suggests activities I enjoy doing :)  I didn't have my camera on me, so I couldn't snap any concert pics or dinner pics at Sanafir.  Along with his watch, I made him a painting since I've been painting alot lately.  I always thought it would be so sweet to have the talent to give someone something homemade, and finally I was able to do that.  This is the first painting I have made aside from the one I made at Raw Canvas.

Sunday I was Gibsons bound to see my favorite grandma & family to celebrate her 79th bday!  Doesn't she look amazing for 79!  This is the first bday we celebrated without my grandpa, but I know he was smiling down on us!

It was a great day celebrating my grandma with loved ones, and 3 different yummy cakes!

Black Uhuru - Bull in the Pen

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