Monday, July 18, 2011

The flesh it is the temple and the temple is the church

Wednesday = Full Meal including Beer for $10!

I had heard from a few fellow bloggers about the amazing deal offered at the Sandbar lounge and decided it was about time I try it!  Every monday-friday, in the lounge from 3-6pm, the Sandbar offers a pint of beer, mussels & fries for only $10.  For someone looking for a good deal including beer, this has got to be one of the best values in the city.

Wednesday came along, and I got some amazing news at work.. I got promoted!!  It's so exciting, but I won't go into details just yet as it won't be announced officially until July 25th when my manager is back from the UK, and I don't want to ruin the surprise to all my coworkers that read this!

So to celebrate my excitement, Ignacio & I hit up the Sandbar for their amazing deal!  They have 3 amazing options to choose from, (thai, provencal & vindaloo); and also 3 types of beer to choose from for your pint, (Granville Island Lager, Honey Lager, & Hefeweizen).  I went with the thai, and nene went with the provencal.  It also came with complimentary bread to absorb the sauce.  Even though it's rare that I eat butter, I loved how the little squares said butter on it!

The fries were also pretty good.  They weren't as crispy as most places, but what I really loved was the fact that they were lightly salted with rock salt.  It made such a big difference than table salt!  The mussels were also really good for the deal.  All of mine were opened, and there was easilly 20.  The sauce sauce was also super tasty.

The provencal ones that Nacho got included alot of chorizo.  This would probably be the best dish for meat lovers.  Nacho loved this one, except for the tiny rock he bit on found in one of his mussels.  We both agreed we would totally come back for this deal again!

Damian Marley ft Stephen Marley - The Mission

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  1. Such a great deal.. I need to go back on a sunny day, awesome food plus a great view, if you can grab a window seat.. you should check out x-cite bar and grill on Hastings.. I wouldn't call the food amazing, but they have very cheap specials ($4.95 lunch).