Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Framin' rights into wrongs, move along

And if you feel just like a tourist in the city you were born

After an amazing night comes the day after.  I'd call the day pretty amazing, with the fact that I didnt have to work, slept in until 11, and spent the day by the pool swimming laps and tanning.  I did however get the stupidest sunburn.  By stupid, I mean the spots I couldn't reach or forgot to rub in with my sunblock.  So I have weird lines on my arms, neck, and the majority or my backside...


At least I have an oversized concert tee, (which I attempted to shrink) cover up by burn (tan) lines.  My shrinking capabilities sucked, so I ended up cutting off the sleeves.  I still love my shirt.  The backside is even better with an image of Toots rocking it out.

My mom just came back in town from her crazy road trip to the Yukon where she saw Grizzlies, Black Bears, Eagles eating Skunks, Foxes, etc.. all in 2 days.. She also had a bird commit suicide on her window..

So since she was back and had so many stories to tell, we met up at the Irish Heather for their long table series night.

On the table for $16 was Orchard Hill cider with herb marinated half cornish hen, organic beets, charred fannel & potato hash.  This totally reminded me of a homecooked meal.  Maybe it's because I only ate spinach, and an apricot all day.. but this totally did the trick.  Loved the beets.. I'm starting to think more cultures than Denmark eat beets on a regular basis, as they are everywhere!

I've never had charred fennel before, but I want to eat it more often. 

After dinner, my mom and I strolled through gastown and took a few pictures being tourists in our city.

Death Cab For a Cutie - You Are A Tourist

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  1. Your shirt looks nice with the sleeves cut off. It was so nice yesterday and now we get rain again....