Saturday, July 9, 2011

Goodness and mercy all my life shall surely follow me

Yup, I hung out with 2 reggae revolutionaries today.  A Marley and a Morgan!

I had an appointment downtown, and as soon as it was over I booked it to Ky-mani Marleys book signing, where I got his book and got it autographed.  We chatted it up, talked about how I was excited for his concert that night, his dad the late great Robert Nesta, and then took a picture.

Normally I would have dinner somewhere before a concert, but since I was battling a cold, I decided I'd head home and rest up before a crazy night.

What an amazing night it was.  I went with my gf Hannah since all my other friends that were coming either wanted to hang out in the back, or arrive super late... where as Hannah & I wanted to be front & center, which we scored obviously!

So since Mel was throwing the concert, and he also did the Toots & the Maytals one we went to on Tuesday, I decided to wear my concert shirt.  I thought so many other people would have theirs, especially since we don't get too many amazing reggae concerts in Vancouver, so the majority of the time it's the same crowd.  Surprisingly, I think I was the only one wearing one.. which I got so many compliments on.  Even one of the opening Rasta acts (below) interupted his singing to tell me how awesome my shirt was, and that he would like me to sell it.  Sorry Ras, no luck.. I'm not selling my tee!  Doesn't he have crazy long dreads!

Now onto the show!  I know Ky-mani was headlining, but the reason I came to this concert was for Gramps.  Gramps Morgan brings sexy to reggae.  I swear he could make babies with his voice.  I've seen him before with his family band, Morgan Heritage.  His brother Peter was the lead singer, but I swear Gramps should of been.  He has one of the best voices in Reggae, and he could sing to me anytime... which he did, asking me to bring him apple juice.. so random huh?

I love this man, and I was so glad he did a cover of Psalm 23 that he did with Buju. It was so beautiful, and it's nice to see that even though Buju is locked up, his songs still go on.

It was also his birthday on July 7th, so of course Mel & George had to come out and wish him a happy birthday!

After an amazing run from Gramps, Ky-mani Marley took the stage singing alot of his own songs, but also a lot of his fathers.  It was great to hear some Marley music being sung by his son.  I truly felt blessed being a part of the revolutionary tour, as 2 great families performed in front of me.

What was also amazing is that Ky-mani came back for not 1, but 2 encores.. He would of kept going, except it was after 2am, and we could see Mel from backstage ordering him to stop as it was past closing time for the Commodore.

After the concert was over I got to meet Gramps Morgan and get an autographed cd from him.  I told him how amazing he is and how I had seen his family perform live before, and how I was so glad that he was the first to go solo from his family as he has one of the most beautiful voices in reggae.  After chatting it up, we took a picture.  Vancouver, you had an amazing week for reggae in Vancouver.  We need to do this more often!

Buju Banton & Morgan Heritage - Psalm 23

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