Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Huggin' up the big monkey man

Best tuesday night ever!

Seriously it was!  Work was great, the sun was out, I had lunch with one of my besties Derek, dinner at Sanafir with the girls, and tickets to one of my favorite bands ever!

I met up at Sanafir with my gfs Hannah and Diana for dinner and cocktails before the concert.  Diana wasn't coming to the concert, but since she loves Sanafir so much, especially on tuesdays, she joined Hannah & I.  It was also Hannahs first time at Sanafir!  We grabbed a table on the patio and ordered some cocktails while talking about our love of loose leafs teas from Teaopia.  Hannah told me about her favorite called coconut cream which has coconut, chocolate and almonds, and it's a green tea.  I want to try this!!

I deciding on trying a cocktail I haven't tried on their list, (sorry Vanilla, you are still my fave)!  I ordered the Rosemary $8.50 which had Bombay Saphire, Sour Raspberry, Rosemary Syrup and Lemon.  It was tasty, but a little sour for me.

Diana & I decided to share our dishes, so we ordered 3 things to share.  The first we ordered was the Vegetable Pakora for $4 with sweet chili dipping sauce.  Diana chose this dish, and it was surprisingly better than I thought it would be.  We recieved 2 large Pakoras, and even though they were fried, the inside was really flavorful and moist.

We also shared the Watermelon & Valdeon $3.50 with olive oil and pumpkin seeds.  This dish was probably my favorite of the night.  Maybe it was the fact that it was a hot day, or maybe it was how simple, yet resfreshing this dish was.  I could order this dish every time.  It was so fantastic.

Diana & I also shared one of the entrees.  We went with the Coho Salmon $11 with fingerling potatoes, braised greens and a coconut yellow curry.  The salmon was perfect.  Even the skin was great.  The salmon was seared, yet not overcooked on the inside, the way I like it.

The only thing that was a disapointment at Sanafir that night, was that they had served Diana & I all 3 of our dishes before Hannah recieved any of hers :(

Hannah ordered the Prawn Ceviche with mango papaya salsa $3.50.  I had this dish before with Derek, and I remember it being ok, but not the best ceviche.  Hannah agreed, and thought the side bread was a little too overcooked for ceviche.

She also ordered the Duck Prosciutto $3.50 with pickled beets, goats cheese and fried leeks.  This dish was fantastic.  I remember how much I loved this dish the first time I tried it, and Hannah loved it too!

Now onto the concert! Hannah and I arrived around 930, and we were thinking we were probably going to walk into a packed crowd since that was the schedule time for the opening act, Natural Flavas to go on.  Especially since the show sold out a week ago, we definately thought we would walk into a crowd.  Surprisingly, we managed to get right up to center stage.  Once we were there, we did not move!  No one was going to take front row center stage from us!

The opening act really didn't stand out too much to me.  They did some Bob Marley, Capleton and Chaka Demus & Pliers covers.

And then came the Maytals...

Toots daughter actually opened up with the Maytals singing a cover of John Waite - Missing You.  She was really good, and I loved her rocker voice.

And then came the man of the night!  This is what Hannah & I pushed off crazy drunks, creepy picks ups & druggies for!  This is what made the smell of too many alcoholics with bad b.o. worth it!

For one of the grandfathers of reggae, he put on an amazing show.  Toots totally recognized Hannah & I in the midst of the crazy crowd!  He grabbed Hannah and my hand sooo many times and sang to us, gave us each waterbottles, and even invited us on stage to dance with him!

He was so sweet, even to the crazy fan that rushed the stage from backstage.  Security was kicking him out, but Toots came and shook his hand before security escorted him out.

I didn't get to hear my favorite songs, Revolution, Freedom Train & Johnny Cool - but I didn't care as it was an amazing show and he sang so many other fabulous songs.

The Maytals were an amazing band, and his lead guitarist killed it!

Here are some pics from the show I took, and also a video clip from Monkey Man!

Toots & the Maytals - Monkey Man

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  1. Could that evening have gotten any better? Hardly! Great evening; I'm still smiling:)