Sunday, July 31, 2011

I long to see you in the morning light, I long to reach for you in the night

An amazing saturday in Vancouver

Hope everyone is having a perfect august long weekend!  Mine started off with watching the meteor shower up at SFU with nacho.  So much fun!  We saw a lot of meteors which looked like big shooting stars that would change how bright they were along the sky.  However, apparently mosquitos up at SFU can bite through anything including my calvins, covered in a blanket.. No fun getting stung like over 20 times, including 3 on my fingers, 1 on my neck, 1 on my jaw.. and the worst - a clutter of at least 10 on my hip.

I just want to scratch!!!

Now onto my saturday!  The weather was perfect so I hit up the seawall with my mom, where we made use of one of the many beaches along the way for some tanning.  But.. I forgot my sunblock some how.  Maybe it's because I was too busy rubbing afterbite all over my body.  Sooo, too add on to my lovely clusters of mosquito bites, I now have awful sunburned arms and calves.  I can't really complain, because that's the only crappy part about my amazing weekend so far!

After realizing I was getting burned, my mom & I headed over to the Mill to chill out on their shaded patio.  Since I only had instant oatmeal all day, and it was going on 5.. I was super hungry and glad we stopped for food.

Aside from their fabulous patio, what excited me about the Mill was that there was no fried dishes on their menu!  It's so rare that you see that at a place that serves beer, nachos and burgers.  I'm glad to see a restaurant promoting a healthier lifestyle!

However, I was still famished and wanted a burger, so I went with their ocean friendly Salmon Burger for $15 with a wild sockeye salmon fillet, chipotle mayo, tomato and spinach with their house salad.  This dish was amazing.  The salmon was so good, and I'm glad they didn't put a heavy amount of mayo.  Even the salad was perfect and not overly seasoned.  Even though I was having a burger, I still felt like I was eating healthy.

My mom went with their Wild Salmon Fillet salad for $16 with organic greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, capers & a maple vinaigrette.

While sitting on the patio, we saw a parade go by that was part of the Illuminaires lantern festival.  There was a marching band and people on stiltz.  We followed them over to Coal Harbor after.

After a fun day spent in Stanley Park & Coal Harbor, I had an amazing night spent in Vanier Park.  Sadik & I watched the first show of the 2011 Celebration of Light, which China was showing.  It was so beautiful.  My heart always melts watching fireworks, and I was so glad I got to spend it with him.

Mighty Diamonds - Lay Lady Lay

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  1. Great pictures of the crappy little digital camera is not the greatest at doing shots like that..

    do you just use a tripod and long shutter speed?