Thursday, July 28, 2011

So we are history, your shadow covers me

Midweek dining dates

Hello Vancouver.  Today I came home so excited to go swimming and tanning by my pool - just to find out it was closed to replace the vent at the bottom (which apparently could be a hazzard to them).  As much as I wanted to flash them all my lifeguarding medals from a decade ago to insist I won't cause a scare, I resisted and decided to catch up on my blog.  Ugh the first day we have major sun since the weekend, and my tan will have to wait.

So here goes my week.. Amy Winehouse died.. so sad, which reminds me I should download some more Billie Holiday.  I read an article by Russel Brand that really hit home on monday.  I've known a few people in my life that have suffered from an alcohol and drug addiction that has ruined the relationship I had with them.  I think what really hit home was the first few lines Russel Brand described...

"When you love someone who suffers from the disease of addiction you await the phone call. There will be a phone call. The sincere hope is that the call will be from the addict themselves, telling you they've had enough, that they're ready to stop, ready to try something new. Of course though, you fear the other call, the sad nocturnal chime from a friend or relative telling you it's too late, she's gone.

Frustratingly it's not a call you can ever make it must be received. It is impossible to intervene."

And then I told people close to me how that article made me think of some people I have known.. and shockingly, quite a few people had also read that article and felt the exact same.  Amy had such a beautiful voice, and sadly she has been added to Club 27.. the same age as me.

I met up with my gf Lorraine on wednesday to catch up and dine at one of her local faves, Hawkers.  My coworker Jeff & Lorraine had been insisting I try this place for so long.  We were there for almost 3 hours, and the majority of the time it had a line out the door.  It's cheap eats for sure, and you get to try dishes pretty close to the street food trucks in Singapore.

To start off we ordered the veggie fritters for $.75 each (pictured at the top).  These were pretty moist in side, and I thought went even better with their signature hot sauce.

We also ordered a few dishes, starting with the Mee Rebus $5.25 -yellow noodle served with spicy sweet potato sauce, garnished with egg, tofu, bean sprout, fried shallot, celery and jalapeno.  This dish was my favorite, although I didn't notice any fresh jalaepnos.  I loved the sauce!

We also ordered the Laksa for $5.75 with thick rice noodles served in mild curry, rich coconut milk and dried shrimp, garnished with tofu puff, fish cake, egg, shredded chicken prawns and sprouts.  This was the dish I was most excited about coming here, and knew I wanted to try it, however it was probably my least favorite.  There were really good things in this dish, but I didn't care for a few of the key ingredients.

I enjoyed the broth, the chicken and the 1 prawn, but I wasn't feeling the super soggy tofu, or the fish cake.

Lastly we ordered the Nasi Goreng $5.25 with spicy fried rice with egg, onion, tomatoes, tofu, dices potatoes and yu choy.  This was a pretty good dish, although it wasn't really spicy.  We ended up adding a lot of the hot sauce too it.

Hawkers is definately a spot for cheap eats, as we each had major leftovers.  Thanks Lorraine for introducing me to Hawkers!

Thursday I ended up in North Van for a dinner date with my mom.  I really wanted to go for thai, and after reading that the North Van Thai House has a bigger menu than the other locations I normally visit, I really wanted to go!  The only thing that was a bummer, is that both dishes I was planning on getting (pretty much because I hadn't seen them on their other locations menu)  were not offered that day.  Those were the steamed oysters in spicy sauce, and the charcoal grilled cornish hen in thai spices.

Thankfully I wanted to try so many more dishes on their menu, so I was fine ordering something else.  We started with some drinks, and I had the Hi-Soo for $8.  There were a lot of yummy looking drinks, but this one had guava juice.

Since I couldn't order the Oyster dish I wanted as an appetizer, I went with a cup of the Tom Yum thai soup for $4 which had chicken, mushrooms, tomoato, lemon grass & thai spices.  This was amazing like always.  Nothing beats thai soup.

For my moms appetizer, she went with the thai salad roll for $5 and went with the chicken option which was pretty similar to the vietnamese salad roll we normally eat, although you could tell how fresh it was by its warmth.

For my main, I went with one of their house seafood combinations for $17 - tiger prawns, clams, mussels & squid served with a green curry sauce.  This was really tasty, and a good value.  I recieved 2 prawns, 5 squid, and about 5 or 6 clams and mussels each.  The first thing that stood out to me were that the mussels were so much bigger than my last mussel visit at the Sandbar.  All of the seafood tasted amazing, and even the squid was not overcooked.  I also had a side of brown rice for $3.

My mom went with her favorite Goong Sapparod for $15 with stir fried tiger prawns, red curry paste & coconut milk with fresh pineapple.

After a filling dinner, my mom and I walked around the Quay..

Amy Winehouse - Tears Dry On Their Own

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