Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You remind me I can feel love

Hello Ben Harper!

My first time seeing Ben live after many years of wanting to see him.  I decided this year I would try to go to as many concerts as I could, and I'm so glad Mr. Harper was one of them.

If I was to say why I love him, it would have to be his diversity.  He put on an amazing show, switching up his instrument for every song, starting with a Bruce Springsteen cover.  I think it was more of a rock show, as he even did his own take on everything from grunge, to metal, to blues, and of course some amazing soulful acoustics.  He swore he would make it loud, and make it soft.. and he did an amazing job of both.  This is a man who can make babies with his voice.  Especially with his Sexual Heeling cover.

Earlier sunday before the concert, I started off at Vanier for the Pink Salmon festival to promote salmon sustainability.  I actually went for free salmon prepared by amazing chefs, like the executive chef from C restaurant.  They provided 3 different takes on pink salmon, which made for a perfect free lunch on the beach.

Then onto the festival!  I went with Jessie & Ashton, and met up with their friend Tree, and my gf Hannah.  We put down a blanket and watched the opening act Jenny O who did some acoustics for about 45 minutes.

The event actually had good food for sale like my dinner, a cheese and fruit plate for $8.

Then Ben Harper came on and started with Springsteen.  I didn't catch it all, but it was a great way to open.  I forgot to grab a new memory card, so I didn't take as many vids as I wanted, but it was probably better that way as I wasn't staring through my camera.

Ben Harper is amazing and I can't wait to see him again.

Ben Harper - Feel Love

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sun soakin bulges in the shade

Tuesday night at the PNE

Growing up I would come to the PNE every year, and more than likely have a playland seasons pass too.  Last tuesday, it was only $5 to go to the PNE, so after work I headed over to meet up with my mom and her friend Betty.  There was so much to take in, with so little time, so we skipped the rides.

We came across a military jet that my dad actually used to fly in when he was in the military.  I checked it out while my mom took dorky photos of me pretending to fly it.

We also saw a show with some dirtbikes and other vehicles going over big jumps with lots of pyro.

Come dinner I wanted something healthy, so went with the gluten free, organic free range smoked turkey leg and organic peaches and cream corn on the cob.

After dinner we headed over to the animal section.  I saw a few llamas and it reminded me of the time I was at the Vancouver zoo feeding some llamas and one swallowed my arm.  I pulled it out of course, covered in llama spit and grass.

I also saw some cows with massive utters.  Someone needs to milk those badboys!

My mom and Betty wanted to watch the fake Elvis, so we checked him out for a few songs.

We also saw the Peking acrobats, which were really amazing.  This one guy balanced on 6 chairs on top of 4 glass bottles.

Afterwards we checked out Serena Ryder for a bit before heading home.  Cant wait to go back to Playland!

POTUSA -Peaches

Saturday, August 20, 2011

You aint ever gonna burn my heart out

Ola Nachito!!

Ignene just came back from Orlando, so come friday we headed downtown to catch up on his vacay, his new mamacita and my new wheels.  We were wanting to hit up somewhere fun, so I recommended Society since I had been wanting to try their cotton candy drink since seeing pics of it everywhere on twitter!  When we got to Society, the patio was packed, so we sat at the bar until our patio table came up.  I always thought the cotton candy drink was a cotton candy mojito, and I was even more excited to find out it was a gin and soda drink.  If I ever drink cocktails, anything with gin and soda is my go to.  So I ordered a Candy Collins, and Nacho ordered a Heineken.

Holy Cotton Candy!  Like seriously how was I going to get to my straw, as I was not about to shove my nose in cotton candy.  At least Nacho was able to help me eat it :)  And holy sugar rush!  I rarely eat sweets, and I dont think I had cotton candy since a child at playland or the circus or something.  It was a super fun drink, and after all that sugar I was glad to get to the gin and lemon soda.

It really was the size of my head!

Right before our patio table opened up, Nacho grabbed another Heini and I switched it up and got a Senorita drink.  Sauza gold, grapefruit, raspberry sour, and bubbles. 

Once we got outside, we checked out their menu and decided on splitting their appetizer platter for $14.95 person.  This was so good.  The only part that sucked was that my camera had died, so my food photos are iphone camera quality :(  at least I have some I guess!

The fabulous platter came with 2 mini tomato soups with mini grilled cheeses, 4 onion rings with chipotle ketchup, 2 kobe beef taquitos, 2 buffalo prawns with blu cheese dressing, caprese salad, and we switched up the regular itallian pizza for the bbq chicken pizza.

We started with the tomato soup with mini grilled cheese. I had this the first time I came to Society, and loved it then, and still love it. Last time however the grilled cheese were on the side which I prefered, as this time the part of the sandwhich that was soaked in the soup became soggy.  Next up were the onion rings.  These had a different batter, not the typical breaded one, but stanley park amber beer batter, and they had big pieces of onion inside.  Nacho loved these.  I thought they were good too.  Next up were the buffalo prawns.  I had never had prawns with buffalo sauce before, and thought these were deff a great healthier take rather than having buffalo wings.  I'd totally grab this again.  We went on to the bbq chicken pizza with jack daniel’s bbq sauce, caramelized onions, jalapeno jack.  This was really good too, and I ate most of it since Nacho had the kobe beef taquitos all to himself.  Since he is Colombiano, I asked him if the taquitos were authentico, and he said no, but liked them anyways.  Last up was the Caprese with tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, basil, extra virgin olive oil.  I'm glad we saved this for last as I felt like I did the whole eating a meal backwards thing, since I technically started off with dessert, and ended with salad.  Societys appy platter is perfect, and Nacho is allready planning on bringing his new lady there.

Afterwards we strolled down the granville district to see what was going on, and we stumbled across a 99.3 outdoor concert with State of Shock.  I had no idea who they were, but there were cleary alot of fans, as so many people were moshing it up and singing the words.  Fun night with tha homie...

I also totally forgot to post up for my last Q4 visit, so since it's been so long, I thought I'd add it in here.  Well it was just last saturday, so I guess it hasn't been that long.  Sadik & I went there on BC Day and checked out their pasta night deal, where this time we ordered off the regular menu.  I remember when we were seated, I was checking out the patio all lit up, and all I could do was think about how the place would look so beautiful around Christmas time all lit up.  Too bad their patio probably wont be open then.

My camera didnt want to co-operate with my dish, and I didnt feel like trying to figure it out, so enjoy my blurry shot!  I went with the Branzino alla Crosta $34.95 - Pistacchio crusted wild Alaskan black cod with a fire roasted pepper sauce.  The cod was cooked light the way I like it, and I loved the pepper sauce with the julienne vegetables and broccolini.

For whatever reason, my camera took a better picture of Sadiks food than mine.. it must like him more :)
Sadik went with the Galletto al Mattone $30.95 - Marinated de-boned Cornish game hen with Riviera herbs, garlic and peperoncino served with creamy herb polenta.  I didn't see any polenta, but I did see the same mashed potatoes I got, and also broccolini, beets and squash.  He liked it, and I was glad :)

Oasis - Dont Look Back in Anger

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I sang a lullaby of birdland everynight

Fireworks & Gibsons

Quick weekend wrap-up post.  Saturday night was spent at Bonnies place near English Bay... like 2 blocks from the beach.  Since saturday night was also one of the Celebration of Light fireworks shows, we strolled over to watch it.  It was a great night hanging out with my girls and Fred!

I finished off the weekend heading over to Gibsons for the day with my brother to visit our grandma!  It's my brothers last visit in town before he goes to Afghanistan in October.

We headed over to our local Gibsons beach, Chaster Park for a picnic and stopped by IGA before hand and picked up a bunch of snacks, put down a tarp and soaked up the beach.

We also saw 4 deer as soon as we were leaving the beach.  I managed to snap a picture of 3 of them from the car.

After a fun day at the beach, and shopping through the local markets in lower Gibsons, we headed over to Gramma's Pub for dinner.  Last time I dined here, the food was great but the vibe was not.  However, Grammas Pub has an amazing manager and Mark Coombs treated us to a free dinner this time! 

Ahhhh.. how my brother loves when I take pictures of his food.  He can't stand it, so he totally did his best to make it hard for me to take pictures by constantly moving plates and keeping his hands above them.  I love you too Bryan!!  I even joked around and told my brother when he is in Afghanistan, I'm going to send him albums of food photos.. and he told me he is going to send me a box of sand with camel spiders.  Apparently those are really huge and creepy spiders..

My grandma thought I was bugging him over the fact that he wont be eating good in Afghanistan.  I found out for Christmas in Afghanistan they give you steak, lobster and 2 beers.  Normally you can't drink there.

So onto Grammas Pub... the food was amazing as always, and I actually prefer it to Mollys Reach - which is right next door and supposed to be the hype of the town.  Thanks to Marks amazing hospitality, I know this pub really values its customers!

My brother went with a casesar salad for his starter.  He was the only one that ordered a starter, as the rest of us were still pretty full from our picnic earlier.

For our mains, my grandma went with her favorite salisbury steak.  She's very picky when it comes to her salisbury.. I think it's because she has had so many over the years.  She loved the meat, but wasn't too fond of the gravy.  I think the gravy was packaged, and not the real deal that she loves.

For my entree, I got my favorite halibut soft tacos!  I got these last time, and they were just as good this time.  They come with mango, crushed cashews and a house coleslaw in the warm tacos, and even the side salad with a honey balsamic dressing is so tasty!  I would totally tell everyone to try this!

My brother ordered the chicken souvlaki for his entree.

My Aunt Heather also joined us for dinner and got a burger that looked pretty good.  It had thin slices of bbq'd onion rings inside that looked really tasty.

Thanks Grandma, Heather, Sam & Esther for making is a wonderful visit for Bryan & I!!!

Amy Winehouse - October Song

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Whats inside her never dies, even if shes content in his warmth

Pasta nights at Q4

I recently entered a contest on Twitter to celebrate Vanfoodsters 2nd anniversary, and I won a prize!!  I won a $100 gc to Q4 :)  I was super excited, and told Sadik so he suggested we go to Q4 on BC Day to end our long weekend.  I didn't grab the gift card yet, but was excited to check out the restaurant for my next visit when I use the card!

I found out that on monday and tuesday nights at their Kitts location, they have $10 pasta nights.  I thought this was an amazing deal since their pastas are normally over $20.  It was a pretty large portion for $10 too, and the quality was definately there!

I ordered the Fettuccine ai Funghi - Fettuccine with wild mushrooms, minced chicken in a rosato sauce.  It was also supposed to come with pancetta, but I ordered it without.  This was soo deelish!  It tasted really fresh, almost like the noodles were made from scratch.

Sadik ordered the Fusilli con Rucola - Handmade fusilli with shaved beef tenderloin, arugula, fresh tomato and parmigiano reggiano.  His looked really good, and if I actually ate meat I would totally order this.

I can't wait to go back and use my gift card..

Amy Winehouse - He Can Only Hold Her