Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I sang a lullaby of birdland everynight

Fireworks & Gibsons

Quick weekend wrap-up post.  Saturday night was spent at Bonnies place near English Bay... like 2 blocks from the beach.  Since saturday night was also one of the Celebration of Light fireworks shows, we strolled over to watch it.  It was a great night hanging out with my girls and Fred!

I finished off the weekend heading over to Gibsons for the day with my brother to visit our grandma!  It's my brothers last visit in town before he goes to Afghanistan in October.

We headed over to our local Gibsons beach, Chaster Park for a picnic and stopped by IGA before hand and picked up a bunch of snacks, put down a tarp and soaked up the beach.

We also saw 4 deer as soon as we were leaving the beach.  I managed to snap a picture of 3 of them from the car.

After a fun day at the beach, and shopping through the local markets in lower Gibsons, we headed over to Gramma's Pub for dinner.  Last time I dined here, the food was great but the vibe was not.  However, Grammas Pub has an amazing manager and Mark Coombs treated us to a free dinner this time! 

Ahhhh.. how my brother loves when I take pictures of his food.  He can't stand it, so he totally did his best to make it hard for me to take pictures by constantly moving plates and keeping his hands above them.  I love you too Bryan!!  I even joked around and told my brother when he is in Afghanistan, I'm going to send him albums of food photos.. and he told me he is going to send me a box of sand with camel spiders.  Apparently those are really huge and creepy spiders..

My grandma thought I was bugging him over the fact that he wont be eating good in Afghanistan.  I found out for Christmas in Afghanistan they give you steak, lobster and 2 beers.  Normally you can't drink there.

So onto Grammas Pub... the food was amazing as always, and I actually prefer it to Mollys Reach - which is right next door and supposed to be the hype of the town.  Thanks to Marks amazing hospitality, I know this pub really values its customers!

My brother went with a casesar salad for his starter.  He was the only one that ordered a starter, as the rest of us were still pretty full from our picnic earlier.

For our mains, my grandma went with her favorite salisbury steak.  She's very picky when it comes to her salisbury.. I think it's because she has had so many over the years.  She loved the meat, but wasn't too fond of the gravy.  I think the gravy was packaged, and not the real deal that she loves.

For my entree, I got my favorite halibut soft tacos!  I got these last time, and they were just as good this time.  They come with mango, crushed cashews and a house coleslaw in the warm tacos, and even the side salad with a honey balsamic dressing is so tasty!  I would totally tell everyone to try this!

My brother ordered the chicken souvlaki for his entree.

My Aunt Heather also joined us for dinner and got a burger that looked pretty good.  It had thin slices of bbq'd onion rings inside that looked really tasty.

Thanks Grandma, Heather, Sam & Esther for making is a wonderful visit for Bryan & I!!!

Amy Winehouse - October Song

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  1. I quite enjoy Gibsons, I used to stay at a Cabin on Keats Island and would always spend some time in Gibsons before taking the small fairy over, great pics.