Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You remind me I can feel love

Hello Ben Harper!

My first time seeing Ben live after many years of wanting to see him.  I decided this year I would try to go to as many concerts as I could, and I'm so glad Mr. Harper was one of them.

If I was to say why I love him, it would have to be his diversity.  He put on an amazing show, switching up his instrument for every song, starting with a Bruce Springsteen cover.  I think it was more of a rock show, as he even did his own take on everything from grunge, to metal, to blues, and of course some amazing soulful acoustics.  He swore he would make it loud, and make it soft.. and he did an amazing job of both.  This is a man who can make babies with his voice.  Especially with his Sexual Heeling cover.

Earlier sunday before the concert, I started off at Vanier for the Pink Salmon festival to promote salmon sustainability.  I actually went for free salmon prepared by amazing chefs, like the executive chef from C restaurant.  They provided 3 different takes on pink salmon, which made for a perfect free lunch on the beach.

Then onto the festival!  I went with Jessie & Ashton, and met up with their friend Tree, and my gf Hannah.  We put down a blanket and watched the opening act Jenny O who did some acoustics for about 45 minutes.

The event actually had good food for sale like my dinner, a cheese and fruit plate for $8.

Then Ben Harper came on and started with Springsteen.  I didn't catch it all, but it was a great way to open.  I forgot to grab a new memory card, so I didn't take as many vids as I wanted, but it was probably better that way as I wasn't staring through my camera.

Ben Harper is amazing and I can't wait to see him again.

Ben Harper - Feel Love

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