Thursday, September 29, 2011

I still see your bright eyes, bright eyes I have always loved you

Day 3 on the Carnival Spirit

Day 3 was another overcast day, and I had a feeling we wouldnt be getting much sun :(  However I got to enjoy sushi, chocolate, and sushi chocolate day!

I also played some mini golf on deck.

Had lunch with the Captain Roberto

And had more chocolate and sushi

and of course got another towel animal!  Last night on the ship.. next day, Cali!!!!!

Fleetwood Mac - Gypsy

Tidal waves couldnt save the world from Californication

Day 2 on the Carnival Spirit

After a super fun night dining, watching some theatre and attending a comedy show, I was ready for day 2. I had an amazing brunch, followed by a lot of basketball on the deck, and relaxation in one of the many hot tubs.

Nathan and I mashed up the afternoon playing rounds of Horse, which obviously I beat him at :)

After building up an appetite I went for high tea on the ship.  The tea wasnt that exciting, but I finally got to try those little cucumber sandwiches!

After spending the day exploring some activities, I got ready for my night out.

The boat was a bit rocky that evening due to ocean swells beneath the surface, which resulted in not too many people out and about on day 2.  Too bad they couldnt take advantage of the lobster dinner!

I also watched another sunset, and came back to another towel animal!

RHCH - Californiacation

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me

Bon Voyage Vancouver.. Day 1 on the Carnival Spirit

My first cruise! So exciting! Especially when I'm headed to Cali for a weekend of sun, sand, surf, and catching up with good friends. Since I have wayyy to many pictures, Im going to post day by day.

Day 1 was tuesday, where I met up with my mom and we made our way to Canada Place for our cruise. My mom had been on the Carnival line twice before, so she got an amazing deal for the cruise, on the 8th floor with an extended balcony.

Bring on the cruise drinks :)  We chilled on the deck as the ship sailed away and we waved goodbye to observers.

We watched the sunset through the overcasted sky

Then I got ready for my first night on the cruise :)

I headed off to dinner in the Empire lounge where I ate so good.

Then I came back to my room to find a lobster towel animal on my bed.  I want to learn how to make these!

Muse - Feeling Good

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Your servants have burned all their songs

Moms 52nd Bday Celebration!

My mom just turned 52, so how did we celebrate - by having amazing food and drinks at Q4 in Kitts and watching Thievery Corporation at the Malkin Bowl.

We ordered some organic malbec, and pinot gris while my mom laughed at my horrible sunburn I got from the Lions game on the weekend.  I swear it isnt as bad as it looks!

Since it was monday, I took advantage of their $10 pasta night and ordered Linguine Frutti di Mare - Linguine with fresh daily seafood in a white wine, sundried tomato cream with peas.  The daily seafood happened to be prawns.  The pasta was amazing, like always.

The reason I picked Q4 to treat my mom to on her birthday, was that they actually have gluten free pasta on the menu.  Since she has never had gluten free pasta in a restaurant before, she was super excited to finally have it!

My mom ordered Penne Vegetariano $19.95 - Penne with extra virgin olive oil, onions, fava beans, cherry tomatoes and artichokes in a lemon infused tomato sauce.  She added prawns to this dish, and loved it.  It's so great that Q4 has gluten free pasta on their menu!

For dessert, I called in prior to find out what gluten free desserts they have, and pre-ordered us both panacotta, with a candle on my moms.  They brought it out shortly after we finished our pasta.  My mom had never tried panacotta before, and was so glad to have a new gluten free dessert!

Thanks to Q4 for making sure my mom had a fabulous birthday!!

The next day we had tickets to see Thievery Corporation at the Malkin Bowl!  This is the 2nd time I've seen a concert with my mom.  The first time, was when Cher and Cyndi Lauper came to town and Cyndi stood right beside us to sing :)

Los Amigos Invisibles opened up and they were freakin amazing! I remember Nacho always playing them in his car, so I actually recognized a few of their songs. I loved the lead guitarist, and also the sexy keyboarder shaking his booty everywhere, and doing the limbo underneath his keyboard.  They had the crowd going crazy, and even the crowd wanted an encore!

And then Thievery Corporation came on!  They had a total of 7 different lead singers that night, and they were so amazing.  I love the talent and the variety.  Everything from jazz, to soul, to reggae, to hiphop.  I would totally see these guys again!

Enjoy the pictures and videos below from their Malkin Bowl visit.

Thievery Corporation - The Richest Man in Babylon