Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Let Jah moon come shining in

Sunday brunch at Monks, and wreck beach with the girls

Sunday was definately the highlight of my weekend since I was battling a cold all weekend long, which still hasn't gone away.  Since it was the long weekend, I wasn't about to let it get the best of me and sucked it up for an amazing day.  I started off at Monks for brunch with my mom, where we had complimentary mimosas and chamomile tea.  The best part about our visit was our amazing waitress Megan.  She has served us before and she is so amazing at her job.  My mom actually helped diagnose her gluten allergy on our last visit, so to thank us she treeted us to a free brunch!  Thanks Megan!

I wanted something with lots of vitamins since I was heading off to wreck beach after, so I went with something new - the Vegetable Eggs Benedict for $13 with two free range poached eggs, grilled portabello mushrooms & spinach, hollandaise, hash browns and fresh fruit.  After I ordered this, I wished it had cheese or salmon on it, but for a vegetarian dish it was really good.

My mom went with the gluten free version of the Smoked Salmon Scramble for $16 - wild alderwood smoked salmon scramble, cream cheese, croissant, hash browns & fresh fruit.  She had this before and loved it.

After an amazing brunch, I met up with Smokey, Diana and Aida for a day at wreck.  Our day was amazing except for the creepers.  I love wreck, but sometimes I just dont want to look up from tanning to see a naked man trying to talk to me, or getting excited watching us do yoga.

We started off in the popular left side, but ended up strolling over past the bend to a remote area on the right side.  Made for a perfect spot for us to put down our blankets, play our reggae, a few rounds of frisbee, tan and watch the sun go down.  Here are some pictures from our day at wreck.

After watching the sun go down, Smokey & I were super hungry as we only had a few grapes and strawberries since our breakfast.  So we headed over to St Augustines for our first time.  We decided we would split a bowl of their feature smoked salmon & chipotle corn chowder for $8, and their Blanco Pollo pizza for $17.  We had no idea that sundays all pizzas are only $9, until we got our bill and it was cheaper!

Here is a 1/2 order of the smoked salmon corn chowder.  It doesn't look like it, but it was packed with lots of ingredients and super flavorful.

The Blanco Pollo pizza was also tasty and had the perfect amount of heat with the jalepenos & jalepeno cream sauce!

Can't wait for next week sundays trip to Wreck!

Lauryn Hill ft Bob Marley - Turn Your Lights Down Low

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  1. I have been loving this weather, I just started at UBC so break time=down to wreck beach aha..

    quick question, I noticed that you work in the fashion industry,my girlfriend goes to Kwantlen for fashion and design and has to attend shows and stuff to talk to designers..do you have any info or inside information about events going on in Vancouver?

    If you feel so inclined send me an email at peterholbrook10@hotmail.com thanks!