Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tidal waves couldnt save the world from Californication

Day 2 on the Carnival Spirit

After a super fun night dining, watching some theatre and attending a comedy show, I was ready for day 2. I had an amazing brunch, followed by a lot of basketball on the deck, and relaxation in one of the many hot tubs.

Nathan and I mashed up the afternoon playing rounds of Horse, which obviously I beat him at :)

After building up an appetite I went for high tea on the ship.  The tea wasnt that exciting, but I finally got to try those little cucumber sandwiches!

After spending the day exploring some activities, I got ready for my night out.

The boat was a bit rocky that evening due to ocean swells beneath the surface, which resulted in not too many people out and about on day 2.  Too bad they couldnt take advantage of the lobster dinner!

I also watched another sunset, and came back to another towel animal!

RHCH - Californiacation

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