Friday, September 2, 2011

Turn my sorrow into treasured gold

Weekday Seawall & Laziza Visit

One of the best things about going for seawall strolls with my mom is I can actually ask her to stop and take a picture of me.  Even if they turn out horrible.  Since the majority of my posts lately have been food focused, it's always nice to have the opportunity to be like "mommmmmm, can you take my picture".  And then she takes her sweet time adjusting, while I get impatient, and have no idea when she actually pushes the button, so she will take it when I'm not paying attention.  Then she's like, "Oh, its a good action shot, your arm was moving!"  And I'll be like, "mom you suck at taking pictures!"  But then she tries, so I have to give her credit... Thanks mom, cause I know you're reading this!  Practice makes perfect haha! 

So here are my "action shots!"  Actually I really love my new Theory shirtdress.  But then I am an obsessive shopper who finds amazing deals, like getting this $335 gem for only $18!

We strolled down to Laziza where I treated my mom to dinner at one of her favorite gluten free restos.  We started off with a bottle of organic white.

They brought up some complimentary pita chips and salsa, which were super tasty.

And they brought out a gluten free version for my mom.

We both were getting an appetizer, so we decided we would order 2 and split them. 

We ordered the East Coast Scallops seared and drizzled with an orange reduction for $12.  These were so dreamy.  They melted in your mouth, and the orange zest went perfect.  It didn't overwhelm the natural scallop flavor.  The texture was cooked perfect.

We also went with the Crispy Caluiflower for $7 which was something we had never tried!  It was corn battered florets, flash fried with a sesame dip.  These were also really good, and I never would of thought to make something like this!

Then onto our mains!

I ordered the Brome Duck Breast for $18 with quebec raised duck, pan seared medium rare with a pomegranate reduction, served with roasted baby potatoes, and organic mixed greens with dried berries.  I don't remember having duck this moist.  Laziza chefs really know how to cook their duck!

My mom went with the Sweet and Savory Seafood Medley for $18 with east coast scallops, prawns and mahi mahi served with dried fruits, drizzled with honey, served on couscous and topped with grilled lemon.  I tried some on the mushrooms and mahi mahi and this dish was amazing.  Even the figs, & dates balanced this dish out perfect!

We ended up sharing the flourless chocolate cake for $6.  This tasted like fudge.  It was so sweet, and the consistency was amazing, for a cake without flour.  My mom was in heaven, as this was gluten free.

Afterwards we headed over to Choices where my phone somehow speed dialed 911 in my purse.  First time ever, and talk about awkward hearing "Police, Fire, Ambulace" coming from your purse.. or even the cops calling back to verify you're not in trouble, and that you're not really hiding anything.  We stopped by Salathai to visit Smokey for some cocktails, and headed over to Granville for some shopping.  Amazing thursday evening with my mom :)

Adele - Rolling in the Deep

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