Friday, October 7, 2011

California, knows how to party

Hello second day in Cali!!

Started off my day right at my local Figtree Cafe with eggs benedict for $11.95 - poached eggs and smoked turkey on english muffin topped with hollandaise sauce.  I love this restaurant for all their amazing turkey dishes I don't find in Vancouver!  This was so perfect and filling!

My mom went with their daily special for $11.95 - wild mushroom and goats cheese scramble with roasted potatoes and fresh fruit.  This looked so deelish and I wanted it!

Afterwards we headed over to Santa Monica for some shopping on the Promenade, and to check out their amusement park.

My mom wanted to stop by Bubba Gump Shrimp co and get some souvenirs for my brother, and of course I had to grab a picture on the Forest Gump bench with his sneakers and box of chocolates!

After wrapping up our fun afternoon in Santa Monica, I headed back over to Venice Beach for the beach dance party.

And also to watch some hoops.

After a fun day with my mom, it was time to meet up with my friends and have an amazing night on the town.  Margo and I met up and went to Lula Cocina to start off our night with dinner and drinks!  As soon as we walked in, we were greeted with free cabo wabo shots, and free cabo wabo tshirts!  I love free!  This place even has 472 different tequilas in house!  I dont think any place in BC can compare!

We were also served complimentary chips and salsa which were so much better then what I get in BC.  Also, talk about a huge portion for free!

We each had a round of lime margaritas on the rocks, which were super strong but super amazing!

I couldn't decide what to get as their menu was massive.  All I knew was I wanted some amazing mexican cuisine, so I went with their Lula Sampler.  It featured a green corn tamal, cheese chile relleno and a duck enchilada.  It was great, but again a massive portion, so I barely touched the rice or beans.  However I loved everything else, especially the tamal.  It was loaded with goey cheesey sweet corn with a bit of spice.  That part I finished gladly :)

Margo went with Enchiladas Suizas - Chicken filled Enchiladas with a creamy Tomatillo Sauce and topped with melted Jack Cheese. 

Afterwards, Margo suggested we head over to Ricks Tavern where the cast of True Blood is known to hang out.  We grabbed 2 seats at the bar, had some gin and tonics, and crowd watched.

After leaving Ricks, we met up with Onome, Tome, and the Manchos and hit up Club 31Ten.

We all passed around the infamous poncho, that had us way to hot in the club.

Then we tore up the dancefloor to some Cali Swangggg.

Afterwards, we went for some latenight tacos, watched foghorn leghorn on wifi, and had some real mexican gangsters come talk to us about cartels and ponchos.  Amazing Night!!

Tupac - California

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