Friday, October 7, 2011

The City of Dope aka Caviar

3rd Day in Cali!!

Third Day in Cali and I spent the day with one of my best Cali homies Marcus!  I've known the Don Spook, aka Black Casper aka Spooky since 2000, and I hadn't seen him since 2003.  I was so glad we got to catch up!!  We met up in Venice Beach, and strolled all the way to Malibu!  Talk about a long ass walk!!  And then we walked back!!  OMG my feet were so glad to exfoliate in the ocean after.

Did I mention there are parrots everywhere in Venice!!

After a long day out in the sun, I headed over to the Venice Ale House to meet up with my mom for a quick dinner, and some gluten free beer before heading back out for a night on the town with Margo.

I also finally got to see a sunset from my patio, since all my other nights in Cali had a pretty heavy overcast.

I love the Venice Ale House because the majority of their menu is organic and they have an amazing patio also.

I ordered their Grilled Cheese Sourdough Sandwich $8 and Fresh Tomato Basil Soup $6.  They both came with salad, and the sandwhich came with roasted rosemary potatoes.  I loved this dish.  I had skipped lunch that day, but had an amazing breakfast which I forgot to bring my camera too, so this dinner definately filled me up.

My mom went with some sweet potato un-fries - roasted with coconut oil and dusted with cayenne & sea salt for $6 and also their grilled asparagus with almonds and lemon for $8.

After we were super full, I met up with Margo and we went to the Townhouse, the most famous Venice Bar for live music as it is where the Doors came to fame.

It was pretty dark in there, so we didn't take any pictures, except we took some on our walk back home.  Lesson learned!  Don't walk the boardwalk at night, even if you are only going 10 blocks!  Stick to the streets and alleys to avoid the crazies!  Thankfully we had a cop car lead us there!

Mack 10 - Only in California ft Snoop & Ice Cube

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