Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'll be there when you need me

Weekly wrap up post!

Hope everyone had an amazing week!  It was sunny the majority of the week, so I made the most out of it.  I wore my amazing new suede boots as often as I could, since I know rain is on its way.  I also did my weekly seawall stroll, and saw 4 otters!  The last time I saw an otter on the seawall, was when Sadik and I had our first date.  They even crawled out of the ocean, climbed up the side of the seawall and went into a drainage hole.

I got invited to the media event at LIFT for the ipad launch party, and brought my girlfriend Hannah.  I had an amazing time.  Martin & Steve were amazing hosts, and provided an informative presentation on the ipad.  LIFT is the first restaurant in Vancouver to switch from paper menus to the ipad.  I think it's amazing because now all the dishes have images, nutritional information, allergy indications, and suggested wine pairings.

Some pictures of the complimentary appetizers I tried.  They also had some lamb & lobster, and crabcake tapas.

Martin, the VP of Operations and myself.

I also had a girls night with Smokey, my favorite bartender.  Good times, jamming to all our favorite high school r&b jams.

She couldn't open our first bottle of wine, but she got the second one open :)

I wrapped up my weekend at my favorite brunch spot, Monk McQueens.  I was so excited that they now have a brunch buffet, and at a super cheap price of only $15!!  They had a great selection, and there was way too much food for me to try.  I loved the cheese & fruit selection, couscous salad, and their famous banana bread french toast!!  Times like this I wish I was one of those people with massive appetites as there were so many things I didn't try.  Just means I have to go back for the next brunch buffet!

Tyrese - Sweet Lady

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