Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's love made in the u.s.a

Last day in Cali :(

Last day in Cali and my mom and I went to the Figtree, where we had been having breakfast every morning in Cali.  I had just come from a morning of surfing and totally built up an appetite.

Since it was my last day at the Figtree, I wanted to go out with an amazing meal, so I let my server order for me.  Since I had ate so many meals there in the past few days, he knew what I liked, and recommended the eggs bandalier for $11.95 - poached eggs on corncakes, black bean chili, roasted peppers, feta, salsa, organic greens.  It was something completely different, but totally sounded like a dish that should be on a Cali menu, so I was sold.  Plus it was his favorite.  It was so good!  I have no idea if this is a common dish as I haven't seen anything like it elsewhere, but the concept definately worked.

My mom went with the garden omelette for $11.95 zucchini, mushrooms, guacamole, red onions, tomatoes, feta, basil, garlic.  This is actually what I had the morning prior that I forgot my camera, although my version had chicken apple sausage in it.  It also comes with their amazing rosemary roasted potatoes.  She also ordered a side of organic fruit salad.

After breakfast I hung out with my homie Gilesy.  He just released his first studio album, and is planning on coming up to Vancouver so look out for him!  He's super talented!

The waves were still pretty good, so we chilled at the beach and watched the surf.

Afterwards I walked over to Santa Monica with my mom for lunch at The Misfit.

Happy Hour is everyday from 12-7, including weekends!  We need something like this in Vancouver!  All signature cocktails were 50% off, so I ordered the basil gimlet - tito’s vodka, fresh basil, lime zest, agave nectar for $4.50.  My mom ordered the kd bees knees - martin miller’s gin, house infused lavender honey for $4.50.  Both of our cocktails were fab, and they have a pretty creative cocktail list.

We also both recieved complimentary wild mushroom soups (normally $6).  I thought they would be creamy, but I was actually glad to have a clear broth as I found the flavor of the different wild mushrooms were more noticable.

For my main, I went with their ahi tuna burger, pan seared medium rare, meyer lemon aioli, avocado $11.  Holy massive burger!  It was like ground ahi tuna, and easilly came apart as it was medium rare.  Even though it created quite a mess, it was freakin fantastic.  It was more spicy than I thought it would be, which I loved!

My mom was excited to come here, since they had so many gluten free options to choose from!  She ended up ordering the baked mac and cheese with green chile, brown rice pasta for $9.  It was her first time having gluten free mac n cheese at a restaurant before, and she loved it.

I hadn't indulged in gelato my whole visit in Cali, and since my visit was coming to an end, I ordered their pistachio gelato for $3 which also came with a house made chocolate chip sea salt cookie.  I haven't had a cookie this good in so long, and the sea salt balanced with the dark chocolate were so extremely good.  The gelato was also super fresh and a perfect way to finish off lunch.

After lunch, we finished up the last of our shopping in Santa Monica and Venice Beach, and strolled the boardwalk some more.

I then had one last Hawaiian beer at the Venice Ale House, where a parrot joined me.  He took ice out of my water, which then became his.  He also peeled open a jelly packed and ate scrambled eggs with jelly.

After leaving Venice, we headed over to LAX where they had a Wolfgang Express.  Since I could bring food on the plane, I ordered a small pizza.  Sadly it wasn't as good as I wanted it to be.  I guess I need the real Puck cooking for me!

Kwaheri Cali!  See you soon, xoxo.

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