Saturday, October 8, 2011

mirror oh you're so unfair to all of the beautiful ones

Don't you love when you take a family picture and one person insists on making faces!  Well my brother was the Bart Simpson in this family photo :)  Well Chris, is like my brotha from anotha motha since he's been my bros bff for over 15 years.  My brother was in town for his last visit before going to Afghanistan, so we had our first of many family dinners.

The second family dinner was at Gibsons the following day, where my battery on my camera died :(  Sadly I didnt get to capture any of our amazing moments, like walking into a house filled with birthday decorations.  Apparently, we were celebrating every holiday Bryan would miss while in Afghanistan, starting with his bday.

I'm going to miss my little big bro, but can't wait for him to come back safely.

Come midweek, I met up with Nachito for sushi and shopping.  And his lovely gf from Orlando joined us on facechat lol.

I introduced Nacho to Sushi Cali about 3 years ago, and since then he visits almost every week.

We ordered a bunch of dishes to share - tuna gomae, spicy agadashi tofu, sashimi, and double spicy tuna roll.

Nacho had never had the double spicy tuna roll before and was amazed at how big the pieces were.  He found the biggest piece and decided he needed to take a picture of me trying to shove it in my mouth.  I let him, seen as though last time I did that to him trying to shove massive sashimi in his mouth!

We did so much shopping!  I got new boots, some art deco, some new Diesel glasses, Clinique GWP from the Bay and some Sephora top ups I needed.  Speaking of makeup, I also just ordered my first Luxebox from Loosebutton!  Cant wait for it to arrive!

Frank Ocean - Scared of Beautiful

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