Thursday, October 27, 2011

surely goodness and mercy shall follow I

Saturday wrap up!

I cant remember the last saturday I woke up at 6am unless I was travelling somewhere.  Well this saturday, I woke up at 6am so Ignacio and I could go to enjoy the Starlight free movies at Cineplex metrotown.  The majority of them were kids movies, but Nachito decided we should check out the Green Lantern since it was free and neither one of us had seen it.  For those who havent seen it, it's alot of Ryan Reynolds abs.

After some 9am popcorn, london fogs and cafe mistos, we were searching for some halloween outfits.  For years I have wanted a zebra or giraffe onesie.  I dont know why they cant just make them for adults.  They only ever have them for toddlers.  Is it that hard to find a warm fuzzy zip up animal outfit for adults that isnt slutty?

I also couldnt help but notice the aisles of unique soda at Winners...

.. and even a bollywood cookbook.

After fun times with Nacho, I met up with Ariele & crew for Antons and the Fright Night ghost train at Stanley Park.

Holy lineup for Antons.  We literally waited over an hour to get a table.  I dont even wait in lines at clubs, so I was thinking this better be worth it for me to wait in line for food.

Talk about massive food.  I couldn't even eat 1/3rd of my dish.

I ordered the Fusilli New Orleans for $16.50 - scallops, prawns, chicken, bell peppers, onions and mushrooms in a spicy cajun sauce.  This dish could seriously feed 3 people.  Now I can see why people wait in line.  The pasta isn't as good as places like Q4, but for the portion, Antons probably has the most massive in the city.

Ariele went with the Penne Alla Greca $15.50 - artichokes, sun dried tomatoes & feta in a garlic white wine sauce.  The feta in this dish was soo good!

Rich went with the Penne Bombay $16.50 - prawns & shrimp in a light curry & cilantro sauce.  I tried this and it tasted more creamy then I thought it would.

Afterwards, we headed off to Stanley Park to meet up with a few others for the ghost train and other spooky activities!  I had never been on it before, & luckilly we caught the last 1030 train.  As cheesy as I thought this would be, I have to admit that I actually screamed.  One of the characters, "Bird Man", sneaked up on us and almost everyone in our party freaked out.  There were lots of halloween-esque characters.  I'm really looking forward to the Christmas train now!

Here I Come - Dennis Brown

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  1. I totally forgot about the FREE movies. I heard about the free movies from the mother of a deal site. Have a nice weekend!!!