Saturday, November 19, 2011

Clouds are stalking islands in the sun

Weekly wrap up!

One of my longest friends Ariele is currently traveling Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, so last saturday we had her bon voyage party.  We hit up the Cactus Club near her house for some fun food and drinks before heading back to her place for the night.

Our table shared the tuna tataki as an appy, which I j'adore.  I also got the soft fish tacos for my main, since they were so good last time.

Come monday I met up with my momma for a dinner date at Rogue, and to watch the advance screening of Melancholia.  Talk about a creative but weird movie.  However Kirsten Dunst was amazing, even as she tanned naked under some weird planet.  Sadly I didnt have my camera on me, and my phones pics were way to dark.. but the fries trio was amazing at Rogue.  I especially loved the melted gorgonzola cream on fries :)

Wednesday I met up with Nat & Mui to pop our persian food cherries at Darchin.  We had a groupon for $99 worth of food, and we put it to use!  Sadly my camera was not co-operating.. so all these pics I though I had taken, my camera did not save :(

We recieved some complimentary bread and yogurt.

We also tried the most authentic drink we saw on the list that had persian syrup, white wine vinegar, cucumber, mint, lemon and soda.  It tasted way better than it sounded..

Our first of 2 appetizers was this amazing eggplant dish with yogurt and fried onions.  This was definately one of the highlights.  It was so amazing!

We also ordered the hummus.

And then we had 4 mains.

Mui & Nat had the persian spiced beef kebab with saffron rice.

We also ordered a saffron chicken kebab with saffron rice for me to try.

Mui & Nat tried the lamb shank with dill rice.

We also ordered a chicken stew with pomegranate & walnut paste that was absolutley amazing, and really sweet, but my camera didnt save the pic :(

For dessert we had baklava, which was a bit frozen still.

We also tried a traditional persian dessert with frozen vermicelli sorbet mixed with lemon juice.  I never would of thought this would be a popular persian dish, and it was much better than it sounded.

Afterwards we headed over to Siegel's Bagels for some take out.  Thats got to be the coolest bagel place I've been in.  I ended up buying the pistachio pumpkin spice, energy, and banana but bagels to go with some berry lite house made cream cheese.

Baby I love Your Way - UB40

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