Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Some things were meant to be

Weekly wrap up!

I have been majorly behind on my blogging.. but its for a super good reason :)  He knows who he is.. and I'm sure I'll let everyone know soon <3

I took my mom out for dinner last tuesday at Laziza where we had some amazing cocktails and gluten free food!

Meric & Jon have also been taking me driving, and Im becoming pretty good with my standard prelude!  Also thanks to my amazing mechanic for doing such a good job with my car :)  Best mechanic ever!

Saturday I met up with my mom for some halloween shopping and sushi.  We checked out sushi garden for the first time.  I had the island roll, papaya crab roll, and spicy tuna.. all 3 were so different, and I had never tried anything like them!

My mom ordered lots of sushi for her, and her friend.

We also celebrated halloween at work.  I carved a pumpkin, but forgot to take a pic.. It's of a lion chilling with a lamb.

Here are some pics of me and my coworkers on Halloween.

I must say, I have had one of the best weekends ever.. it's like a new start, and I'm so happy right now.  I see great things in my future!! <3

UB40 - I Cant Help Falling In Love With You

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  1. so what is the catch with the 10 cent wings at the hop and vine? It seems too good to be true, I saw they also have them for 40 cents on wednesday aha, maybe next monday I will check it out.