Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bringing a feeling of passion and desire

Catch up time.  Sorry for the delay!

Im so horrible when it comes to posting lately.. it seems like I never have any free time lately. To start things off, I went to Domenicos up on Hastings & Holdom for Natalias bday party about a week ago.  No one from the bday party had ever been there before, and it was pretty empty for a prime time of 730.  For the most part, the food was great.  I loved my pasta - pictured above which was cheese tortelini with scallops, prawns, peas in a rose sauce baked with cheese.  It was a massive portion.  However, despite my good pasta, I couldnt help but notice the one horrible dish. 

Have you ever seen a pasta dish that has more olives than noodles?  Its like they emptied a jar of olives and forgot to add noodles.

On another note.. I finally signed up for Luxebox!  For $12 a month, you recieve a beauty box monthly with products customized for you.

I also went Black Friday shopping with Mayira!  We hit up Coach, Michael Kors, Ellie Tahari, Calvin Klein, Nike, and more in the Seattle Premium outlets.  We also hit up Walmart, Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls and Best Buy.  We shopped for 18 hours with a 2 hour power nap in between.  I was up for almost 40 hours straight.  Talk about a dedication to shopping!  At least I got so many amazing purchases!

I also went out to sushi garden with my mom to catch up and show her how to work her new android.  Yay my mom knows how to text!

I tried the spicy tuna combo for $8.95.  So good!

My mom had some rolls.

Off to make my first ever slow roasted duck and put up my Christmas tree now!

Glen Washington - That Smile

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