Saturday, January 28, 2012

We rely on the past and special moments that last

#DOV #4 at The Irish Heather!

I actually won tickets through on twitter for 2 to The Irish Heather followed by Hot Pepper + Air Conditioner + The Farewell Speach at the Push Festival.

I brought my gf Cheri - and on our way to The Irish Heather we met Owen Wilson!  Well he road his bicycle in circles around us while we were is Starstruck mode.  After he left, we went into The Irish Heather & joined their LTS with everyone else going to the play.  Their $18 menu was very similar to The Salt Tasting Room as they shared the same appys and desserts.  I went with the same appy I had at Salt the Curried Root Vegetable Soup with Sour Cream, 'Picker Shack' Apple Compote.  I think I liked it better at Salt, as it came with the flatbread.

For my entree I went with the mushroom pot pie handmade in the bakery and served with a side of fresh cut fries.  The pot pie was pretty good, but I prefer a creamier one.

For my dessert I ordered the lemon sponge cake which was pretty good.  I prefered it served in a jar rather than how they served it at Salt.

Sade - Never As Good As The First Time

You could have let me Love anyone but I only wanted you

#DOV #3 at Maurya

I selected Maurya for Dine Out Vancouver as they had the best Gluten Free menu.  Out of 10 things offered on their menu ranging from appys to dessert, 8 of the things were gluten free.  My mom invited 2 of her celiac friends along as well.  Maurya dine out menu was a 3 course for $28.  They brought lots of papadoms of the table with mint & cilantro chutney, and peach chutney.

We all started with the Dakshin fish cakes - Halibut fish cakes prepared with south Indian spices, delicately pan seared. Served with a coconut cilantro chutney and a tomato chutney.  These were so good.

They also brought lots of naan bread which I got to have all to myself since that is not gluten free.  It was good as my entree was super hot, and I needed the naan to absorb the heat.

They also brought complimentary daal makhani (lentil strew) and basmati rice pulao for our table which were both gluten free.

I ordered the Jheenga Pepper Masala Black tiger prawns simmered with assorted bell peppers and tomatoes in a delicate onion based sauce extra spicy.  So good, and really, really spicy.

My mom ordered the Subz Lamb - a unique pairing of lamb, seasonal vegetables and our house blended spices, simmered in gravy.

For dessert I had Kulfi - Indian Style Ice Cream Served with Fresh Fruits

My mom ordered the Kesri Makhana and Anjeer Kheer - Saffron flavoured multigrain pudding. Grains include rice, tapioca, popped lotus seeds and fig. Simmered in milk with cardamon.

A quick pic of the girls after dinner outside the restaurant.

Sade - The Moon & The Sky ft Jay-Z

Suh gal whine whine whine hmmm haul you body in a line

#DOV #2 at Salt Tasting Room!

My first stroll ever through Blood Valley - and no facebook does not have a check in to Blood Alley which they totally should.  Ignacio, Natalia, Jessica, Jacqueline & Candice hit up The Salt Tasting Room for some cheese & wine flights last tuesday.  They were offering a 3 course meal for $18, and a 3 course wine flight for $15.

What I loved was that they would pick the condiments and wine to match the cheese/meats.  What I didnt love was that the entree cheese plate was already pre picked - so I couldnt choose from their amazing list, and it came with olives :(

To start everyone who took part in DOV ordered the curried root vegetable soup.

Here is an example of the cheese or meat entree with the matching wine flight.

Jessica & Candice decided to order off their regular menu so they could custom select their cheese and meats for $15.  They also got wine flights which the bartender selected to go with the cheese choices.

Here are the cheese & meat options they selected - paired with the appropriate condiments to bring out the flavors.

Here is my cheese plate!

With lots of complimentary bread & crackers.

Ignacio got the pork rilette which he didnt like that much.

For the dessert I ordered the dark chocolate pate terrine.

The girls & Ignacio got the lemon sponge cake.

Jessica & Candice ordered the citrus sponge cake.

Afterwards we strolled around gastown, as Jacqueline had never been and took some fun pics.

Chaka Demus & Pliers - Gal Wine

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I dont worry cause we're so tight, see each other most every night

First #DOV of 2012 with my favorite person!

I was super happy when Ken suggested we go out for dinner friday night since it was the start of dine out Vancouver!  I've always wanted to bring Ken to the Salmon House as it's one of my faves based on the view, and the fact that its super cozy like dining in a fancy cabin.  Even though it was pouring down rain, we still had an amazing evening.

It was Kens first time trying dine out Vancouver too!  For our appies I started with the lobster & prawn bisque with bannock garlic croutons.  This was so deelish!  Perfect for a rainy day.  Ken had the Alder grilled prawns with spinach risotto.

For our mains I ordered the seafood linguine with mussels, clams, prawns, candied wild salmon, arugula, and a parmigiano cream sauce.  This was so rich and creamy and the seafood was cooked perfectly.

Ken had the pan roasted wild sockeye salmon with cardamom rice, gazpacho salsa and a basil butter sauce.

For the dessert we both ordered the apple ginger crisp with caramel gelato.  This was super sweet!

I love Dine out Vancouver, and can't wait to experience many more in the next 2 weeks!

Chaka Demus & Pliers - She Dont Let Nobody

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Boy time will show, Our love will grow, And I know Love will be right here

 Friday Night Giants Game, Saturday Night Partay!

I love celebrating firsts.  Well, firsts with that new someone special <3  Ken & I have already had our first bball game, and now it was our first hockey game!  My work supplied us with tix to see the local Vancouver Giants, and even though they lost 11-4, I was so happy we got to enjoy our first hockey game together.  Next stop, Canucks or Whitecaps!

Saturday, one of my girlies Cheri & her man Yura, were celebrating their bdays together at Shine. Ken & I had so much fun that night, except for our crazy drive back home on the #1 in the blizzard!

Happy bday to a wonderful and beaultiful couple!  and also excited to run into the long-lost but not forgotten homie Sotelo!!!

I forgot to take alot of pics that night, but here are the few I took.. stay tuned for a busy week of dine out Vancouver blogging!

SWV - Love Will Be Right Here

Monday, January 9, 2012

The train is riding, down to the station where you lived


Sunday I took part in the annual no pants skytrain ride which is worldwide.  Normally it's far from my comfort zone, but I figured it would be fun to look back one day and remember taking off my pants in public.

I can't believe how many people took videos and pictures of my ass.  I saw it on CTV news at 6, the Vancouver Sun, and even other newspapers across Canada. 

I went with my buddies Nachito & Jorge.  Here are some pics Nacho took during our pantsless trip!

Young the Giant - My Body

Saturday, January 7, 2012

What about me, what about us, what we gonna do...

Its 2012!!

Sadly, the first blog post I have for 2012 is a week overdue, and the pics consist of IPhone photos.  Not that I have a problem with Iphone photos, since my Olympus loves to not co-operate with me.. I just couldnt control the pics.

I think this NYE was one of my best Ive had.  Its so nice to enjoy it and not worry about anyone else getting too out of control.  I won 2 tickets to the Glitz & Glamour bash by Melo Productions!  Since Ken & I hadnt made solid plans, this was perfect for us :)

Its funny, as he has DJ'd there for past NYE parties, and knew almost all the DJs.  Doesnt every girl love when their new man shows them around in a suit and knows everyone whos anyone at the party.  Its even better when Im wearing the sexiest CK sequined dress and accessorized in Coach & Friis.

Another note.. when your man convinces you that you can leave your camera in the car as he will be taking pics on his IPhone dont listen...
1) He wont let you choose the pics you want!!
2) He controls the pictures
3) He will make fun of you if you want to take food pics for your blog

However, it is cute.. to review all the pics and see that he took so many pictures and videos of me throughout the night. 

Now rewind to earlier that day...

My gorgeous second cousin Erin came into town from Gibsons.  Since I come from the smallest family ever of 1 brother, and 1 cousin.. I embrace my 2nd cousins like sisters :)

I brought her to Coast for lunch, as I had only ever been there for dinners before, and have always wanted to try their lunch boxes!!  Since I dont work anywhere near Coast, its almost impossible to take advantage of their lunches.. so when work tells me.. "Hey, its the holidays, dont work & get paid on our time.." I say, lets go to Coast!

I ordered their lunch box that came with chowder, tuna sashimi & a shrimp wrap.  Soooo deelish.. Couldnt finish it all.  Thankfully they have cute to go bags :)

My cousin Erin got their cobb salad.  I love their prawns!  Especially when they come in Caesers.

She told me its the nicest resto she has been to in Vancouver.  I love escorting tourists around town!!  Especially when it involves Glowbal Group, Sephora & Holt Renrew!

I also went to Cardero's to check out their Mussel Mania with Ignacio!  We were planning a trip to our fave Sandbar, but when we found out Cardero's had them, we were on our way!

You dont get to choose your type, but when they are the style I would order anyways, (Thai coconut curry) who even cares!  Especially when they come with Granville Winter Ale and fries for only $10!!!

Sooo good.  Thanks Cardero's for 2 hours of bliss in your lounge.

Total - What About Us