Thursday, January 19, 2012

Boy time will show, Our love will grow, And I know Love will be right here

 Friday Night Giants Game, Saturday Night Partay!

I love celebrating firsts.  Well, firsts with that new someone special <3  Ken & I have already had our first bball game, and now it was our first hockey game!  My work supplied us with tix to see the local Vancouver Giants, and even though they lost 11-4, I was so happy we got to enjoy our first hockey game together.  Next stop, Canucks or Whitecaps!

Saturday, one of my girlies Cheri & her man Yura, were celebrating their bdays together at Shine. Ken & I had so much fun that night, except for our crazy drive back home on the #1 in the blizzard!

Happy bday to a wonderful and beaultiful couple!  and also excited to run into the long-lost but not forgotten homie Sotelo!!!

I forgot to take alot of pics that night, but here are the few I took.. stay tuned for a busy week of dine out Vancouver blogging!

SWV - Love Will Be Right Here

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