Saturday, January 28, 2012

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#DOV #2 at Salt Tasting Room!

My first stroll ever through Blood Valley - and no facebook does not have a check in to Blood Alley which they totally should.  Ignacio, Natalia, Jessica, Jacqueline & Candice hit up The Salt Tasting Room for some cheese & wine flights last tuesday.  They were offering a 3 course meal for $18, and a 3 course wine flight for $15.

What I loved was that they would pick the condiments and wine to match the cheese/meats.  What I didnt love was that the entree cheese plate was already pre picked - so I couldnt choose from their amazing list, and it came with olives :(

To start everyone who took part in DOV ordered the curried root vegetable soup.

Here is an example of the cheese or meat entree with the matching wine flight.

Jessica & Candice decided to order off their regular menu so they could custom select their cheese and meats for $15.  They also got wine flights which the bartender selected to go with the cheese choices.

Here are the cheese & meat options they selected - paired with the appropriate condiments to bring out the flavors.

Here is my cheese plate!

With lots of complimentary bread & crackers.

Ignacio got the pork rilette which he didnt like that much.

For the dessert I ordered the dark chocolate pate terrine.

The girls & Ignacio got the lemon sponge cake.

Jessica & Candice ordered the citrus sponge cake.

Afterwards we strolled around gastown, as Jacqueline had never been and took some fun pics.

Chaka Demus & Pliers - Gal Wine

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