Saturday, January 7, 2012

What about me, what about us, what we gonna do...

Its 2012!!

Sadly, the first blog post I have for 2012 is a week overdue, and the pics consist of IPhone photos.  Not that I have a problem with Iphone photos, since my Olympus loves to not co-operate with me.. I just couldnt control the pics.

I think this NYE was one of my best Ive had.  Its so nice to enjoy it and not worry about anyone else getting too out of control.  I won 2 tickets to the Glitz & Glamour bash by Melo Productions!  Since Ken & I hadnt made solid plans, this was perfect for us :)

Its funny, as he has DJ'd there for past NYE parties, and knew almost all the DJs.  Doesnt every girl love when their new man shows them around in a suit and knows everyone whos anyone at the party.  Its even better when Im wearing the sexiest CK sequined dress and accessorized in Coach & Friis.

Another note.. when your man convinces you that you can leave your camera in the car as he will be taking pics on his IPhone dont listen...
1) He wont let you choose the pics you want!!
2) He controls the pictures
3) He will make fun of you if you want to take food pics for your blog

However, it is cute.. to review all the pics and see that he took so many pictures and videos of me throughout the night. 

Now rewind to earlier that day...

My gorgeous second cousin Erin came into town from Gibsons.  Since I come from the smallest family ever of 1 brother, and 1 cousin.. I embrace my 2nd cousins like sisters :)

I brought her to Coast for lunch, as I had only ever been there for dinners before, and have always wanted to try their lunch boxes!!  Since I dont work anywhere near Coast, its almost impossible to take advantage of their lunches.. so when work tells me.. "Hey, its the holidays, dont work & get paid on our time.." I say, lets go to Coast!

I ordered their lunch box that came with chowder, tuna sashimi & a shrimp wrap.  Soooo deelish.. Couldnt finish it all.  Thankfully they have cute to go bags :)

My cousin Erin got their cobb salad.  I love their prawns!  Especially when they come in Caesers.

She told me its the nicest resto she has been to in Vancouver.  I love escorting tourists around town!!  Especially when it involves Glowbal Group, Sephora & Holt Renrew!

I also went to Cardero's to check out their Mussel Mania with Ignacio!  We were planning a trip to our fave Sandbar, but when we found out Cardero's had them, we were on our way!

You dont get to choose your type, but when they are the style I would order anyways, (Thai coconut curry) who even cares!  Especially when they come with Granville Winter Ale and fries for only $10!!!

Sooo good.  Thanks Cardero's for 2 hours of bliss in your lounge.

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