Saturday, January 28, 2012

You could have let me Love anyone but I only wanted you

#DOV #3 at Maurya

I selected Maurya for Dine Out Vancouver as they had the best Gluten Free menu.  Out of 10 things offered on their menu ranging from appys to dessert, 8 of the things were gluten free.  My mom invited 2 of her celiac friends along as well.  Maurya dine out menu was a 3 course for $28.  They brought lots of papadoms of the table with mint & cilantro chutney, and peach chutney.

We all started with the Dakshin fish cakes - Halibut fish cakes prepared with south Indian spices, delicately pan seared. Served with a coconut cilantro chutney and a tomato chutney.  These were so good.

They also brought lots of naan bread which I got to have all to myself since that is not gluten free.  It was good as my entree was super hot, and I needed the naan to absorb the heat.

They also brought complimentary daal makhani (lentil strew) and basmati rice pulao for our table which were both gluten free.

I ordered the Jheenga Pepper Masala Black tiger prawns simmered with assorted bell peppers and tomatoes in a delicate onion based sauce extra spicy.  So good, and really, really spicy.

My mom ordered the Subz Lamb - a unique pairing of lamb, seasonal vegetables and our house blended spices, simmered in gravy.

For dessert I had Kulfi - Indian Style Ice Cream Served with Fresh Fruits

My mom ordered the Kesri Makhana and Anjeer Kheer - Saffron flavoured multigrain pudding. Grains include rice, tapioca, popped lotus seeds and fig. Simmered in milk with cardamon.

A quick pic of the girls after dinner outside the restaurant.

Sade - The Moon & The Sky ft Jay-Z

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