Saturday, February 25, 2012

I wanna love you every day and every night

My last 2 weeks = catch up time!

I'm soooo behind on blogging.  But I'm in such a wonderful relationship with my beau, that I just can't seem to find the time!!  Anyways, this is what my world was up to in the past 2 weeks.

Ken & I went up to the City & Slope festival for 80's day in Mt Seymour & had loads of fun.

Afterwards he made me a traditional dish from Grenada called Oil Down.  It was amazing!!!!  Here are some of the ingredients used.  He is a wonderful cook!

I went to meet Jannik Hansen!  I told him I loved him in danish in which he smiled and gave me a hug and said something back to me in danish.  I got him to autograph my massive danish flag, and he also signed my boyfriends Hansen shirt :)  He's a wonderful man!

I went & saw Betty White with my momma!!  She was so amazing!  We couldn't use flash though so my pics weren't that good.

Ken & I went to the Ballet & saw Don Quixote.  It was freaking amazing!!!!  We also went to the fairview to watch my buddy Greggae perform in his 3 bands.

I had my usual Pho lunches at Tripple Coconut Tree on hastings with my lunch buddies.

I met up with fellow Foodie Peter at Oyster Raw Bar for 50 cent oysters!  They have them from 4-5 monday-thursday.  We had a dozen Royal Myagi to start follwed by a dozen Kummamoto.

They had house made condiments also.  I preffered the peach chutney with tabasco on mine!

I went to Kingston 11 Cafe with Jeff where he had Jerk Chicken & Oxtail, & I had Jerk Chicken & Chicken Stew.  It was soooo good.  I especially loved the free drinks & free salted cod fish cakes we recieved!  Prince is so nice, and makes the best food.

Bob Marley - Is This Love

Saturday, February 11, 2012

First Wine Maker's Dinner @ Hop & Vine

First Wine Maker's Dinner @ Hop & Vine

Hop & Vine have been hosting the Long Table series for a while now, & decided to introduce a new dining option - the Wine Maker's Dinner.  I was invited by KH Group to blog about the event which included 5 international wines.  As the evening host Paul explained, "most people stick with what they know in a restaurant or bar, & don't want to order a new wine risking they may not enjoy it".  The Wine Maker's Dinner was introduced for diners to experiment, and get to know wine options they like & don't like.  Hop & Vine head Chef Rinaldo, of 3.5 years prepared a customized dinner menu to match the wine selections.  For the first Wine Maker's Dinner, the menu consisted of 5 courses, each paired with a different wine.

First up was the Bodegas Arupside 2009 Organic Chardonnay Sauvignon Blanc Alaris paired with Seared Thai Scallops.  I was excited to see that they had an organic wine on the menu, as I try to stick with organics as much as possible.  The scallop was lightly seared, & the coconut fried rice was intended to be slightly risotto style.

Second up was the Flor de Crasto Douro Tinto paired with Short Rib Ravioli.  I really enjoyed the Portugal red, and I think my highlight from the Raviolli dish was the yam puree & sauteed mushrooms.  I couldn't stop eating the puree!

The middle course consisted of a Johnny Q 2008 Shiraz paired with Deconstructed Beef Wellington.  This was an example of an amazing food & wine pairing!  The beef was very tender, and the pastry was delicate - the way it should be.  The wild mushrooms had just the right touch of cream also.  The host Paul mentioned that wine drinkers are always quiet until the 3rd glass.  He was so right!

The fourth course included an Allan Scott 2006 Riesling paired with a Lemon Tart.  This wine smelled like a Mechanic.  It litterally smelled like something involving gasoline.  However, it tasted fab!  I think it was my favorite wine of the night!  The Lemon Tart combined sweet & sour elements, and delicate meringue.  My favorite part of the dessert was the lime crust with cream cheese. 

Lastly, was my most anticipated course of the night!  Everyone knows I love cheese, and when I saw that Hop & Vine was offering 5 unique cheese options I was thrilled!  The cheese plate was paired with a stronger wine, Christian Drouin Poomeau de Normandie.  This was a sweeter dessert wine which complimented some of the lighter cheese options.  My favorite cheese options were the Red Wine Aged Cheedar & the Black Truffle.

KH Group has many upcoming Wine Maker's & Long Table Dinner events.  I would highly recommend attending, especially if you love wine & craft beer.

When the feelin's right I'm gonna stay all night

Japanese food with my babe :)

Together we have been to Thai House, Sanafir, Monks, and The Salmon House to name a few.. but we had never gone for sushi.  After an evening Ikea trip, I decided we should go for sushi.  Actually I had no idea if he even liked sushi, but I still wanted it.  We headed to Cali Sushi & I decided I would order for us, as long as I didnt order him anything raw.

He actually impressed me lots as he used chopsticks the whole time!

We both had miso, I had the Tuna Gomae, and the Double Spicy Tuna Roll.

Ken had the Smoked Salmon Garlic Roll, Chicken Katsu Roll & Chicken Teriyaki.  Neither of us could finish our massive sushi meals.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Since she's been in my life, Everything's been going fine

Hump Day dinner with my bestie, & lunch in Kitts!

Wednesday night my bestfriend Meric suggested we go out for dinner, and since I'm trying to get lots of dining points, we hit up Hidden Bar as they offer 1,000 dining points!!!

To start we shared the Hidden Wings which were sooo good - sorry for the blurry picture!  It came with a sweet corn, and red pepper jam to dip the wings in which was so deelish!

Since they were cutting a fresh round of steaks, and Meric wanted his well done, they brought us complimentary fries while we waited.  I love free food!

For my main I ordered the buttermilk fried chicken with cheddar waffles and watermelon relish.  I rarely see dishes like these on menus in BC, and I really was craving some southern soul food.  The chicken was my favorite part!  It was super moist, and not overlyfried.  I found the cheese in the waffles a little inconsistent, but still super tasty.

Meric ordered the steak and frites, but substituted the fries for rice.

Loved having dinner with my bestie!  Especially our Morgan Heritage singing competition on the ride home

Today after visiting one of my accounts in Kitts, my coworker decided we should try Noodle Box since I had never been.

I loved their hot sauce selection!  Below are the 3 we used in our meals.

I had the Cambodian jungle curry with prawns for $12.75 - also came with a spicy curry broth, rice noodles simmered in ginger, mushrooms, peppers, asian greens, sprouts, mango & herbs.  I loved this.  I couldn't even finish it, even skipping breakfast! 

Jeff ordered the Thai Green Curry with chicken for $11 which looked really good too.

We also shared their daily special appetizer which was 2 wild mushroom green curry spring rolls for $5.  I think this was my favorite part.  They were so tasty, and I really enjoyed their fresh satay sauce.  It was think and rich, and filled with actual peanut chunks. 

Morgan Heritage - She's Still Loving Me