Saturday, February 11, 2012

When the feelin's right I'm gonna stay all night

Japanese food with my babe :)

Together we have been to Thai House, Sanafir, Monks, and The Salmon House to name a few.. but we had never gone for sushi.  After an evening Ikea trip, I decided we should go for sushi.  Actually I had no idea if he even liked sushi, but I still wanted it.  We headed to Cali Sushi & I decided I would order for us, as long as I didnt order him anything raw.

He actually impressed me lots as he used chopsticks the whole time!

We both had miso, I had the Tuna Gomae, and the Double Spicy Tuna Roll.

Ken had the Smoked Salmon Garlic Roll, Chicken Katsu Roll & Chicken Teriyaki.  Neither of us could finish our massive sushi meals.

Bryan Adams - Run to You

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