Friday, March 23, 2012

Im gonna put on an iron shirt and chase the devil out of earth

A week of firsts with my babe!!

Kenyo & I went to Glowbals latest - Black & Blue to get our 6th passport stamp!  We are now one away from completing it!  We started off with a round of drinks.  I ordered the Blood & Sands cocktail as I thought it would come on fire like in the picture - but it doesn't :(  Ken ordered a Hemmingway, and it was sooo good!

I ordered the French Onion soup to start which was sooo yummy, and cheesy!

Ken had the tableside Caesar Salad.  It looked so cool having them prepare it in front of you from scratch.  I would of ordered this - but I thought it would have bacon.  It did not have bacon.

For my main I had the Lobster Louie salad.  This was really good, & had lots of lobster meat.

Ken had the daily Surf & Turf deal which he did not like.  First he did not like that his steak was served cut up in chunks at a steakhouse.  He wanted to cut it himself.  He ordered his steak well done, and it came out medium.  We had to send it back, and some of the chunks still came back medium-well.

All week long I had my sites set on having a sundae - and I even saved room for a sundae.  But then the waiter informed me that they had just removed it from the menu :(

Come monday, Kenyo & I celebrated another first!  We made our first pizzas together!  I went shopping at Bosa foods for ingredients and bought fresh dough to bake.  For our first pizza we used truffle pesto, wild mushrooms, artichokes, bruschetta & fig goat cheese & lobster truffle oil.

For our second we used basil pizza sauce, apple gouda smoked turkey sausage, sundried tomato, jarlsberg & aged white cheddar cheese.  Last minute Kenyo decided he wanted to add some breaded chicken & egg. 

My favorite was the pesto one, although both were quite good!

Tuesday we went to Sanafir, and had our first Daybed experience together!  We reserved the daybed upstairs looking over the lounge downstairs.  Normally I know what I want at Sanafir - but this time they had a new menu!!!!

We ordered the Duck Proscuitto, Grilled Octopus Harrisa Salad, Black Pepper Calamari & the Duck & Lobster Paella.  My favorite has to be the Paella!  The duck was so tender, although the lobster was a bit overcooked.  On tuesday Kenyo & I will collect our last passport stamp at Trattoria!!

Max Romeo - I Chase The Devil

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