Sunday, March 18, 2012

Realness is an act that you cannot rehearse

Happy St Pattys Day!

To celebrate St Pattys, my day started with lots of NCAA March Madness.  After my first game, I met up with Ignacio at Italian Kitchen to collect my 5th Passport stamp for Glowbal!  We both ordered the lobster and crab monte cristo panini - mine without pancetta.  I loved that it had so much lobster and crab - but I wish it was a bit firmer as it was so soft we both had to knife and fork it.

Afterwards, Igancio & I headed over to The Mill to watch some March Madness and have some $3 beers.  Every Canucks game day, all Whistler beers are on for $3 all day.  My favorite was the Whisler Whisky option!

Afterwards, Ignacio & I met up with Jorge, Marci, & some others for a late night dinner at Toyoma.  I tried sake for the first time!  I had it warm, and it reminded me of hot apple cider.

We ordered lots of dishes.

I loved the oysters, and the gomae the best :)  Hope everyone had a great St Pattys!

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