Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wat a liiv an bambaie When the two sevens clash

Glowbal Passport Completed!!

I finished my Glowbal Passport today!!  It was so much fun checking out all 7 locations!  Sanafir is still my all time fave, with Glowbal and Coast in a close second.  My latest visit was at Trattoria for $10 pasta night with Ignacio!  One of the best deals for pasta in the city for sure!  All pastas (except platters) are $10 every tuesday :)  As a thank you gift for completing my passport - I recieved a $100 Glowbal gift card :)  Woohoo!!  I'm also entered to win some other amazing contest prizes as well!  Here is what Ignacio & I ordered from Trattoria!

Two Sevens Clash - Culture

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  1. congrats! ... so I have run out of space to upload pictures on my blog apparentely... not
    sure what to do!?