Saturday, April 28, 2012

When mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me

Players Chophouse - Bryans goodbye dinner

It was my bros last night in town - so we hit up Players Chophouse for dinner with my bros friend Jon.  My mom had given us a groupon to use before she moved to the Yukon for Players.  Since none of us had been there before, we had no idea what to expect.  The waitress said they were sold out of french onion soup, mussels and a few other things.  Too bad :(  I really wanted soup!

My bro and Jon ordered the beef ribs to start - and I had the poutine & subbed the pulled pork for pulled chicken.  This was huge - and I wish I didnt order my entree as I couldnt even finish my poutine as I was so full.

However, I had ordered the BBQ pizza which I got to go.  It made perfect leftovers!

Bryan got a ribeye steak.

Jon got a pulled pork sandwhich.  It was super dead, but definately good food :)

Led Zeppelin - Thank You

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

If the sun sets you free, you'll be free indeed

What a fun week its been and its not over yet!

I won a contest on twitter from The Mill for tweeting about them lots.  I cant help it when they offer such great food and drinks!  I won a VIP Canucks game table package which included a prime table with a free pitcher of beer, and free nachos.  I went with Ken, Ignacio, Mayira & Mike.. and even the 5 of us couldnt finish the huge nachos!  We picked the right game to visit too - as it was the only playoff game the Canucks won.

Friday night, I met up with Ignacio & Jorge at Relish.  I hadnt been there in a while - but Ive always loved this place!  We recieved 2 bowls of complimantary popcorn :)

The 3 of us split their poutine.  My favorite moment of the night has got to be when Jorge & Ignacio had their lady in the tramp moment going after the same cheese curd :)

Nacho & Jorge also shared the Carpaccio - which they loved - especially when it came with yummy additions!

After induldging in some $3 beers, we headed over to The Loose Moose so these boys could eat more.  Especially since everything on their menu is only $5.95 pretty much.  Ignacio ordered the ribs, and Jorge ordered the taco salad.  Jorge also ended up getting 2 slices of pizza.  That boy can eat alot!

Saturday morning I went to Monk McQueens for brunch with Nacho where we recapped about our super fun night.  I also picked up some free Whitecaps tickets I won!  I really wanted to attand their BBQ before the game that night, but since Ken was at work late - we couldnt make the BBQ.  But I will be sure to make it on my next game!  For $15 you get a BBQ burger - either beef, salmon or chicken - a pint of beer AND free valet with free shuttle to and from the game!  Then you dont have to worry about parking downtown!  Such a good deal!

Anyways, we sat on the patio and enjoyed complimentary mimosas :)

I ordered the Smoked Salmon Scramble :)  Always super yummy - but I think the fruit portion was a bit smaller than normal.

Nacho had the Monks burger.  He loved this - although it was super messy!  The only thing bad was that the fries were super cold :(

At the game, Ken & I were in the hardcore fan section!  It was so much fun and we won 1-0!

Afterwards, Ken & I went to Yaggers.  I had the Ahi Tuna burger, and he had the Bison burger.  Both were super yummy :)

Ben Harper - She's Only Happy In The Sun

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze

Road trip with my Kenyo!

We started off with a quick stop in Pike Place Seattle and went to Beechers for their famous Mac n Cheese and Grilled Cheese sandwhiches!!!  These were soooo good and worth the stop!  I also saw alot of cheese curds that made me want poutine!

We drove 9 hours down the Oregon Coast Hwy.. and woke up super hungry!  We stopped at Newport Cafe on our way to the Sand Dunes for a filling breakfast.

Then we went to Florence for some Sand Dunes fun!  I did this about 10 years ago, but it was Kens first time.  So much fun!

You can even see a warm lake filled with trout, which is a super popular camping area we plan on visiting soon!

Then we relaxed on the beach and soaked up the sun :)

We drove over to Depoe Bay for some whale watching, and had a local seal visit us wanting us to feed it fish.

We were on the ocean for about 2 hours and saw lots of whales!

Interesting fact about Oregon.  It is illegal to pump your own gas.. they will get really mean, and scare you back into your vehicle if you try to.  When you mention, is it a crime to pump your own gas - they will tell you - yes it is.

Country Roads - John Denver

Monday, April 9, 2012

Now we're fully grown we've come to understand, the struggles we must face

A Beautiful Easter :)

I started off my Easter weekend with Cheri and her gfs at Oyster Raw Bar for some 50 cent oysters.  I had only been once before, and really enjoyed it.  However this time, with a party of 7, we were there for over 2 hours waiting on food service.. with some of us only ordering 2 Oysters - and waiting nearly an hour for them.  Epic fail :(

Since we were still hungry, and tired of waiting hours for food.. we headed over to Chill Winston!!  It was packed, and we had a party of 6 - so we chilled on their heated patio until a table was ready on the inside.  I love their blasphemous drink selection.. we started off with some Spooning Jesus drinks which were super strong, and super deelish.  We also had some roots chips & adult popcorn.  When my babe arrived he had the Cod - but wasn't a fan of all the pork fat in the beans.

The next day Kenyo & I went to North Van to see Prince and got some yummy Carribean take out and went up to Burnaby Mountain lookout to watch the sunset.  It was his first time up there, and it was so much fun walking around the trails, and getting lost with him :)

We also went to our local Canvas :)

On saturday, I took my bro out to his first Glowbal experience!  I'm sure he will eat here more often when he moves back to BC!!  We started off with some free daily smoothies which was just what I needed since I was feeling a cold coming along :(  The mint was the perfect touch!

My bro ordered a Caesar Salad to start and said it was his first time recieving one he had to cut himself.  I ate his anchovies which were mighty tatsy!

I ordered the Tuna & Prawn satays :)

My bro ordered the steak and was absolutely in love with the brussel sprouts.  It was my first time trying them at Glowbal and I must say they make them spot on!  No wonder they have a recipe for them on their website!

I had the Smoked Salmon Benny which was served with a massive amount of hollandaise sauce!  I think what I really loved was that you coudl dress it up your own way with the additional sauces that were provided.  My favorites were the pesto and the spicy ketchup!

The Poor Man's Prayer - Mighty Diamonds