Monday, April 2, 2012

Green Flash Brewery Long Table Series Dinner

I was invited to blog for another long table series event by KH Group at the Hop & Vine.  This time, it was for a beer long table series dinner - 5 unique dishes paired with 5 different beers.

I was curious how the pairings would work.  Looking at the menu, I could see it had alot of flavor with ingredients from the Caribbean and parts of Asia.

First up was the Green Flash Rayon Vert paired with a Thai Green Mango Salad with Baby Shrimp, Mangoes, Shredded Coconut, Bean Sprouts & Cashews.  This beer is a Belgian style IPA and had a fruity taste.  Brewmaster Chuck mentioned that this beer is an old family recipe that goes back to Monks' making it.  I really enjoyed the thai salad, and thought it was a great pairing.

Next up was the Green Flash West Coast IPA paired with Coconut Curry Prawns with Jicama, & Pineapple Slaw.  This beer had a fruity aroma - almost like mango and papaya - but had a bitter after taste.  It has also won several gold medals, and is known as the "Holy Grail" of Green Flash beers.  This was another great pairing, and the prawns were seared perfect.

3rd on the list was the Green Flash Le Freak Belgian IPA paired with a Spicy Dry Rub Roast Beef with Caramelized Yams.  Brewmaster Chuck mentioned that this beer got the "Freak" beer name, as they were one of the first beer companies to make beer like that.  This beer tasted so good!  However the beef was not really a hit amongst our table.  It was served cold and about 1/3 was grsitle.  I did really enjoy the yams and pickled onions though!

4th on the menu was the Green Flash Imperial IPA with Grilled Jerk Salmon with Miso Bay Scallops & Coconut Rice.  This beer also tasted a bit fruity, but did not have a bitter after taste.  The Salmon was amazing!  You could tell it was fresh and wild, but I couldn't taste any jerk.  The scallops were previously frozen.

For the last course we recieved the Green Flash Double Stout with Raspberry Cheesecake with Belgian Chocolate Sauce.  This beer tasted like coffee!  It reminded me of something you would drink on Christmas morning.  I loved the cheesecake filling and sauce, however, the crust was very solid, and hard to break with our spoon.

As always, KH Group Hop & Vine put on a wonderful dinner service, with very generous portions for food and beer!  I would totally recommend any beer lovers to check out future long table beer series events.

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