Wednesday, April 25, 2012

If the sun sets you free, you'll be free indeed

What a fun week its been and its not over yet!

I won a contest on twitter from The Mill for tweeting about them lots.  I cant help it when they offer such great food and drinks!  I won a VIP Canucks game table package which included a prime table with a free pitcher of beer, and free nachos.  I went with Ken, Ignacio, Mayira & Mike.. and even the 5 of us couldnt finish the huge nachos!  We picked the right game to visit too - as it was the only playoff game the Canucks won.

Friday night, I met up with Ignacio & Jorge at Relish.  I hadnt been there in a while - but Ive always loved this place!  We recieved 2 bowls of complimantary popcorn :)

The 3 of us split their poutine.  My favorite moment of the night has got to be when Jorge & Ignacio had their lady in the tramp moment going after the same cheese curd :)

Nacho & Jorge also shared the Carpaccio - which they loved - especially when it came with yummy additions!

After induldging in some $3 beers, we headed over to The Loose Moose so these boys could eat more.  Especially since everything on their menu is only $5.95 pretty much.  Ignacio ordered the ribs, and Jorge ordered the taco salad.  Jorge also ended up getting 2 slices of pizza.  That boy can eat alot!

Saturday morning I went to Monk McQueens for brunch with Nacho where we recapped about our super fun night.  I also picked up some free Whitecaps tickets I won!  I really wanted to attand their BBQ before the game that night, but since Ken was at work late - we couldnt make the BBQ.  But I will be sure to make it on my next game!  For $15 you get a BBQ burger - either beef, salmon or chicken - a pint of beer AND free valet with free shuttle to and from the game!  Then you dont have to worry about parking downtown!  Such a good deal!

Anyways, we sat on the patio and enjoyed complimentary mimosas :)

I ordered the Smoked Salmon Scramble :)  Always super yummy - but I think the fruit portion was a bit smaller than normal.

Nacho had the Monks burger.  He loved this - although it was super messy!  The only thing bad was that the fries were super cold :(

At the game, Ken & I were in the hardcore fan section!  It was so much fun and we won 1-0!

Afterwards, Ken & I went to Yaggers.  I had the Ahi Tuna burger, and he had the Bison burger.  Both were super yummy :)

Ben Harper - She's Only Happy In The Sun

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