Monday, April 9, 2012

Now we're fully grown we've come to understand, the struggles we must face

A Beautiful Easter :)

I started off my Easter weekend with Cheri and her gfs at Oyster Raw Bar for some 50 cent oysters.  I had only been once before, and really enjoyed it.  However this time, with a party of 7, we were there for over 2 hours waiting on food service.. with some of us only ordering 2 Oysters - and waiting nearly an hour for them.  Epic fail :(

Since we were still hungry, and tired of waiting hours for food.. we headed over to Chill Winston!!  It was packed, and we had a party of 6 - so we chilled on their heated patio until a table was ready on the inside.  I love their blasphemous drink selection.. we started off with some Spooning Jesus drinks which were super strong, and super deelish.  We also had some roots chips & adult popcorn.  When my babe arrived he had the Cod - but wasn't a fan of all the pork fat in the beans.

The next day Kenyo & I went to North Van to see Prince and got some yummy Carribean take out and went up to Burnaby Mountain lookout to watch the sunset.  It was his first time up there, and it was so much fun walking around the trails, and getting lost with him :)

We also went to our local Canvas :)

On saturday, I took my bro out to his first Glowbal experience!  I'm sure he will eat here more often when he moves back to BC!!  We started off with some free daily smoothies which was just what I needed since I was feeling a cold coming along :(  The mint was the perfect touch!

My bro ordered a Caesar Salad to start and said it was his first time recieving one he had to cut himself.  I ate his anchovies which were mighty tatsy!

I ordered the Tuna & Prawn satays :)

My bro ordered the steak and was absolutely in love with the brussel sprouts.  It was my first time trying them at Glowbal and I must say they make them spot on!  No wonder they have a recipe for them on their website!

I had the Smoked Salmon Benny which was served with a massive amount of hollandaise sauce!  I think what I really loved was that you coudl dress it up your own way with the additional sauces that were provided.  My favorites were the pesto and the spicy ketchup!

The Poor Man's Prayer - Mighty Diamonds

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