Thursday, April 19, 2012

Younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze

Road trip with my Kenyo!

We started off with a quick stop in Pike Place Seattle and went to Beechers for their famous Mac n Cheese and Grilled Cheese sandwhiches!!!  These were soooo good and worth the stop!  I also saw alot of cheese curds that made me want poutine!

We drove 9 hours down the Oregon Coast Hwy.. and woke up super hungry!  We stopped at Newport Cafe on our way to the Sand Dunes for a filling breakfast.

Then we went to Florence for some Sand Dunes fun!  I did this about 10 years ago, but it was Kens first time.  So much fun!

You can even see a warm lake filled with trout, which is a super popular camping area we plan on visiting soon!

Then we relaxed on the beach and soaked up the sun :)

We drove over to Depoe Bay for some whale watching, and had a local seal visit us wanting us to feed it fish.

We were on the ocean for about 2 hours and saw lots of whales!

Interesting fact about Oregon.  It is illegal to pump your own gas.. they will get really mean, and scare you back into your vehicle if you try to.  When you mention, is it a crime to pump your own gas - they will tell you - yes it is.

Country Roads - John Denver

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  1. i've been atving on those dunes and whale watching at Depoe bay:P , more importantly I've been to Beechers too, my younger brother and I are driving down to Cannon Beach area on Saturday to go surfing!