Saturday, May 12, 2012

Love was changing the minds of pretenders

Cinco De Mayo & Other Good Times!

Ignacio, Diane & Jorge & I started off Cinco De Mayo at Warehouse with some $4.95 dishes!  I cant believe I have never been to this place before, when the food was really good for the value!  I had spicy chicken nachos, and corn on the cob.  I was soooo excited about the corn!  Normally when I make my corn on the cob, I put on hummus, hot sauce and parmasean.  I have never seen it anywhere else like that, and this came pretty close!  It had chipotle mayo, chillies and parmasean.  I was so excited, and it was sooo deelish!  A must try at Warehouse for sure.  Diane also had nachos, Jorge had fajitas, and Ignacio had the works burger with fries.

Since Nacho wanted to watch the Mayweather boxing fight, we headed over to Speak Easy to watch it.  I still dont get why 50 Cent & Justin Bieber escorted Mayweather to the ring.  However, I learned boxers have really gorgeous wives!

The following friday, Nacho, Jorge & myself started off at Cinema on granville for their happy house special!  Its $6 for 1lb of wings and beer.  Nacho had 1 order of salt & pepper, and guiness bbq, and Jorge & I shared 2 orders of BBQ & 1 order of hot wings.  I must say, this is one of the best happy hours in the city thats offered at a few Donnelly Group places.  We sat on the patio, and watched the Granville district, including a crack head get naked and change her clothes right on Granville & Smithe.

Afterwards we headed over to Las Margaritas and met up with Ken, & grabbed a patio table.  While waiting for our table, we headed over to Zulu where I picked up 10 more Vinyl edditions to my collection, and my Toots & the Maytals tickets!!

We had lots of margaritas...

I also ordered their Tequila tasting that Ken & I split.  3 Tequila shots, with a 3 course meal for $30.  I started off with all 3 shots :)

We also recieved complimentary chips & salsa which the boys loved.  Then I had the scallop ceviche.  The only other time I had scallop ceviche was at Sanafir, and I found the one at Las Margaritas way better!

Jorge had quesadillas which he was super excited for as you can tell.

Ken had the chicken mole that came with the tequila tasting menu.

We had a few more yummy drinks..

Nacho showed off his favorite piece of my new Vinyl collection.

Then we had the last of our meal with the crepes which we all shared.  Good patio times on a friday night :)

Earth Wind & Fire - September

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  1. what was the drink with the beer in it called? I want one!