Saturday, May 5, 2012

You're the one that always turns me on

Happy friday!!!

 I got a new Luxebox! 

Ken & I went to Horizons.  It was very romantic.  We ordered a bottle of white, some appy's and some mains.  Our highlights were the scallops to start and the duck to follow!

I also realized I have become a fan of manly drinks, when I looked over and saw my 3 bottles were very manly.  I really do enjoy a Henny NS and Red Stag on the rocks though!  Id probaly like to tell you it goes really good with Davids Tea Vanilla Oolong, Happy Kambucha, Birthday Cake, or Chocolate Rocket - but my bro would probably freak out on me for recommending his manly drinks with Davids Tea...

I also bought the God of all Gods when it comes to blenders, & bought a new one that can not only chop my ice, but one that can cook too!  Here is my first recipe for soup!  I also added cream, curry, chillies, salt...

I tried following a recipe, but since I just go with the flow I did my own thing... sooooooo deelish!

This is what my soup came out to be!

Bryan Adams - Run To You

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