Saturday, June 30, 2012

animals live in the jungle for millions of years, without one policeman

Im so behind on blogging!  I cant believe I havent posted since my bday....

I got my latest Luxebox!

Ken & I also visited Sanafir for tapas tuesday to check out some of their new dishes... my favorite is the pickled shrimp!

We also tried the wild mushroom salad which was alright, but a little sour.

We had the Ling Cod fritters, but Ken wasnt too big of  fan as he could tell the cod want really fresh.

We also tried the Ahi Tuna Ensalada which I enjoyed.

We tried the tiger prawn thai curry for our first time, and this one was a hit for both of us.

Kenyo also tried the lamb kofta whch wasnt too big of a hit for him.  I still love Sanafir, but I think I'll stick with my usual favorites with the exception to the pickled shrimp!  That one was amazing!

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