Saturday, June 30, 2012

hit the ball donkey, hit the ball

Hello again beautiful Oregon!

Ken & I went for our second Oregon trip this year!!  This time, we headed 10.5 hours south (2 hours from Cali) to Bandon Beach.  We had the most beautiful suite right on the beach with our own private balcony, private jacuzzi tub and fireplace!  The suite also had a full kitchen and 2 complete bathrooms!

We had a beautiful backyard - practically all to ourselves!  We had an amazing stroll on the beach on our first night after a long drive.

We ended up at a restaurant beside our hotel and had the patio to ourselves.  We had some cheap drinks, and lobster, prawns, asparagus, soup, salad, sprouts & potatoes for dinner!  The lobster was also only $14 for a whole one which I picked from the tank!

After an amazing dinner, we watched a beautiful sunset :)

The next day we went to Bandons Petting Zoo!  I was amazed at the ammount of animals you can play with includng a baby bear and bobcat!

Deer ran everywhere and wouldnt leave us alone!

Ken had goats following him around

And also made friends with the beaver like animals

We saw bears having sex which was pretty entertaining.

We walked with some emu, and listened to peacocks

I hung out with a donkey

We saw lions and tigers also...

Ater the zoo, we headed over to face rock to relax.

We ordered some cranberry wood smoked bbq chicken wings which lasted for our lunch, dinner, and even the following day!

We also went sunset horseback riding on the beach!

We saw seal rock where the 12 foot sharks go and feed (one shark washed up on shore the day before we arrived)

after an amazing few days at Bandon Beach, we headed back to the city... of course stopping at Coach in Oregon for some crazy good deals tax free first!!

Tradewinds - Cricket in the Jungle

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