Saturday, June 30, 2012

You ever see a dog paying puppy support

Our first BC Lions game together!!!

We won tickets from a raffle at my work including an autographed game jersey which fit me too big, so Ken got to have it :)

The BC lions won by almost 40 points!  It was a great game :)

We also went to go cheer on my home team Denmark in the Eurocup at the Charlatan against Germany.  It was a great game, and even though Denmark lost, I'm very proud of my country!!  We had Carlsberg on tap!  It's great our favorite beer (which happens to be danish) is the official beer of the Eurocup!

We also had breakfast at the Charlatan.  I love how their hash had yam!!

I also went to Earls for a patio lunch with some coworkers where we had the worst service ever... seriously.. what restaurant takes over an hour to makes salads and a sundae!!!  Atleast they gave us each $20 giftcards for the horrible service.  My salad was really good atleast!

Since I had a free $20 giftcard, and I lost a NBA bet, I took my coworker out to lunch the next day at Earls where I tried the fish tacos which were also really good.

Tradewinds - I want to be a puppy

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