Monday, August 13, 2012

You cant get, you cant get, you cant get.. aye aye aye

More July fun times..

watching fireworks at Jericho with Ken

Spending the days at Fraser Foreshore having BBQ

Attending a Ford car show with Ken and checking out some amazing Mustangs

Having Ken try to explain a cricket game to me.. still so confusing.

Watching the sunset at Barnett Marine with Ken after the annual summer Grenada & friends summer picnic

Tradewinds - You Cant Get

Palance! Jump and mash up de place

Some July fun..

drinking watermelon martinis on the Cactus Club, English Bay patio on a wednesday afternoon after shopping at J Crews amazing sale.

Then going for pear, gorgonzola blue cheese ice cream.

Having our party of 12 fit in an 8 people table at La Taqueria and having our 5th taco free!

Spending the afternoons at Fraser Foreshore watching the sunset with friends

Watching Ken dj at the Caribbean festival, and spending the day with friends.

Dancing at the waterfront soca party, followed by Ricky Jai singing some soca day 2 at the festival

JW & Blaze - Palance

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A beautiful bunch a' ripe banana

Our first Gibsons trip together :)

Gibsons is like my second home.. and I was so glad to finally bring Ken up to see it with me :)  We spent a few days with my grandma showing Ken the scene, and playing lots of Ukrainian Solitaire, and celebrating an early birthday day for my grandma!

We visited lower langdale..

and Chaster Park where we watched a beautiful sunset ans saw lots of geese

Ken & I drove up to edgemont where we hiked to Skookumchuk Rapids :)

We went to grandma's pub and I had yummy halibut fish tacos, and Ken had pad thai.

Harry Belafonte - Banana Boat