Monday, September 24, 2012

Was just you and I and a quiet breeze

Hello Darlings!  Hope everyone had an amazing weekend.  Here is what I did :)

Went out to Anza for a soca fete with my Kenyo and our homie Neil.  Danced all night of course :)

Kenyo and I went on a roadtrip to Squamish to have lunch at a friends... and I saw the biggest dump truck they use for mining.

Had an amazing view while we had some patio drinks.

We went hiking in Lighthouse Park.  It's always so gorgeous there, and totally isolated in so many areas, so you can totally get some privacy, while listening to the Ocean breeze.. or the boat cruises that go by, with Karaoke going full blast, and people sing "Man I Feel Like a Woman" completely off key...

Yukon Blonde - My Girl

Thursday, September 20, 2012

When your home becomes rocks and stones

Jorges Farewell!!

Well 3 weeks farewell while he is in Colombia spending all his time shopping for ponchos and sumbreros for me.  Clearly, what type of amazing friend would I be if I didn't ask him to bring his favorite white girl friend some latin apparel home to wear to all the latin events he drags me too.  Soooo what better way to send my amigo on his journey, then with tacos!!!!  Especially when they are from our fave La Taqueria!

Afterwards our posse headed over to the Cambie

Of course they had to take new profile pics.

Sooooo sexxxxy

And then they lost in quarters to Ken.  Bon Voyage Jorge!  See you in 3 weeks with my sumbrero!

Yukon Blonde - Loyal Man

Sunday, September 16, 2012

There's no love like your love & no other could give more love

Voices In The Park Concert live in Stanley Park!!

When I found out about Voices in the Park, I was super stoked!  Bryan Adams, Stevie Nicks.. anddddd Bill Clinton!!!!  It was a beautiful day in Vancouver, filled with positive people in Stanley Park.

When Ken and I got there, we walked right in.  No security search, no pat down, no purse check or anything - which I found so odd since Bill Clinton was only  few yards away from us!

We hit up the Beer Garden and ordered from Arturo's Food Truck

We headed over to the main stage to watch Bill Clinton preach about how important music is in the lives of our youth.

We danced while Bryan Adams sang Run to You and Summer of '69, and rocked out to Stevie Nicks doing a cover of Led Zep & Gold Dust Woman. 

After the show, we strolled back along the Seawall to the Granville district where we hit up the Loose Moose for some drinks.  Hope everyone had a great weekend - we sure did!

Bryan Adams - Everything I Do, I Do It For You

Sunday, September 9, 2012

I came from a land skirted by ocean and sand

Mexico Fest Weekend!

Friday night I met up with Jorge, Diane & Andres with our intentions of going to th Lamplighter for their happy hour of $6 for beer and wings.  However, apparently they do not accept Mexican passports for ID so we couldnt get in.  Second option was the Cambie - and again - same problem.  Is there like an abundance of fake Mexican passports going on in Vancouver right now for us not being able to get in?

Anyways - Andres suggested Malones and yes!  Finally a place with no ID problems :)  I had never been here before, and really loved the vibe.  Music was great with everything from current Alabama Shakes and The Sheepdogs to my fave Jimmy Eat World track I used to play on my way to the surf in Huntington Beach.

We shared some wings, (maple chipotle, bbq and hot), a poutine and 3 pitchers.. then headed off to a house party!

Next day, I met up with my buddy Neil to go watch the Lions game!  We had the craziest fans behind us filled with face paint, helmets & huge flags they would taunt the solo MTL fan with.  However they gave us free beer while they kept calling Neil, Bob Marley.  We destroyed MTL with a 43-10 victory! 

Afterwards, Neil & I strolled over to the Mexico Fest happening in Coal Harbor and had Pina Coladas - well I had the colada and Neil had the pineapple.

Then I met up with Jorge, Andres & Diane where we checked out the rest of the festival, had some tacos, and shopped.  Apparently they had argentina lesbian movies in the same bin as spanish Barney.  We watched a beautiful sunset, and I called it a night.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

The One You Belong To - The Sheepdogs

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Luxebox!

New Luxebox!!!  They come quarterly now so I was soo anxious to recieve this one and curious to see if it would be better!

These were my goodies :)  Has anyone ever tried Glimm?  I'm thinking of signing up for that one, so I can still recieve a monthly gift of goodies, along with my quarterly Luxebox.