Saturday, September 1, 2012

I got so much to do, I aint got much time

Seawall fun with Nachito!

RIP Olympus camera.. you have been great for 6 years!!  But since your shutter wont open no more, I had to get a new Cannon.  This is my first blogpost with my new camera!

Ignacio and I spent the day walking the Seawall, watching Cricket, & shopping downtown..

We had fun testing out the new camera along the way.. and playing in the waterpark.

We stopped to listen to the Harp man in English Bay

And also went for some pho at Pho Goodness.  Great pho, except they charge $1.50 for extra veggies :(

Alabama Shakes - Hold On

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  1. new camera!! woo, what kind did you get? I recently got a new one as well due to the lens being messed the pic with the cruise ship in the back :))