Sunday, September 16, 2012

There's no love like your love & no other could give more love

Voices In The Park Concert live in Stanley Park!!

When I found out about Voices in the Park, I was super stoked!  Bryan Adams, Stevie Nicks.. anddddd Bill Clinton!!!!  It was a beautiful day in Vancouver, filled with positive people in Stanley Park.

When Ken and I got there, we walked right in.  No security search, no pat down, no purse check or anything - which I found so odd since Bill Clinton was only  few yards away from us!

We hit up the Beer Garden and ordered from Arturo's Food Truck

We headed over to the main stage to watch Bill Clinton preach about how important music is in the lives of our youth.

We danced while Bryan Adams sang Run to You and Summer of '69, and rocked out to Stevie Nicks doing a cover of Led Zep & Gold Dust Woman. 

After the show, we strolled back along the Seawall to the Granville district where we hit up the Loose Moose for some drinks.  Hope everyone had a great weekend - we sure did!

Bryan Adams - Everything I Do, I Do It For You

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  1. OMG BRYAN ADAMS! I may or may not have slow danced to 'Everything I Do' at a theater camp mixer with a kid who later turned out to be gay. (Iknowright. At theater camp? Shocker.)