Thursday, September 20, 2012

When your home becomes rocks and stones

Jorges Farewell!!

Well 3 weeks farewell while he is in Colombia spending all his time shopping for ponchos and sumbreros for me.  Clearly, what type of amazing friend would I be if I didn't ask him to bring his favorite white girl friend some latin apparel home to wear to all the latin events he drags me too.  Soooo what better way to send my amigo on his journey, then with tacos!!!!  Especially when they are from our fave La Taqueria!

Afterwards our posse headed over to the Cambie

Of course they had to take new profile pics.

Sooooo sexxxxy

And then they lost in quarters to Ken.  Bon Voyage Jorge!  See you in 3 weeks with my sumbrero!

Yukon Blonde - Loyal Man

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