Monday, October 8, 2012

The security of your loving arms, keeping me away from harm

Recap of our last week of events

Hello beauties, to start off this post, My loving Kenyo and I attended Baubles for Banting - a charity event for the Canadian Diabetes Association at Birks downtown.  As much as I loved supporting a great cause, drinking amazing champagne, and watching sexy firemen in a lingerie show... I must say my highlight was the fact that I managed to get Ken into a diamond store, try on rings, and show him what I would like him to propose to me with :)

He also got to meet Wally Opal, and I met Dawn Chubai.. one of my Fave BT hosts!

My Stormtech team won the first annual Stormtech Games Challenge, and as team captain, I gladly accepted our trophy!!!

Denise won tickets to a concert she couldnt use, and gave us her tickets.  I had never heard of Owl City.. and I swear it was the lamest concert I have ever been to.  We got to the Commodore around 1030, which is normally when the opening act is going on, but this was apparently the time that they were performing their last song... however they went on to perform 2 songs in their encore, where the lead singer made a point to tell Vancouver that he was having such a good time, that he was crying tears of joy.  LAME!

Anyways, Ken & I had fun laughing at all the people who seemed to worship Owl City.

We went to Gibsons for the day :)

And watched the Lions.

We celebrated our first thanksgiving together!!!  Trust me, the food tastes wayyyy better than the picture shows.  Everything was made from scratch :)  If you have never tried Glowbals famous brussel sprouts - I suggest you do!  Flash Fried for 2 mins, then mix with capers, lemon juice, parmasean, with chillies, salt & pepper to taste.  Sooo deelish!

Hope everyone had an amazing thanksgiving weekend!

Adele - Skyfall

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